50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

26. [deleted]

I built my desktop PC myself. I know how computers work.

I sat down at my computer, and opened up Firefox. Clicked on my reddit bookmark, then clicked on a thread I had never opened before. It loaded, fully. Then my network connection went out, and I looked down at my network adapter. It was clearly unplugged, and had been so since I had messed with my USB cables earlier during the day.

It is the closest I have ever come to living out a real-life “THEN WHO WAS PHONE?” situation.

27. Harry_Seaward

My brother killed himself a few years ago. He lived 2000 miles away. He was cremated before he was returned home, so I never saw a body.

Before he died, he was a really funny guy. He knew some jokes, but he was a GREAT story teller. Any guy that can make a day of fishing into a gut-splittingly funny day is a GREAT story teller. Even at his worst (he was a bipolar alcoholic) he could make people laugh. A jackass of the highest order.

His funeral was in the same town he grew up in – not where I lived – and a few of us were staying at my grandmother’s house. Her neighborhood was sort of half rural – half urban. The morning of the funeral her doorbell rang at 6:00 am. I was sleeping on the floor in the living room, so I got up to answer it.

There was a Sheriff’s Deputy at the door.

“Sorry to bother you,” he said. “We’re just getting a donkey out of your yard and didn’t want to startle you.”

I muttered some sort of okay and closed the door. I laid back down and went back to sleep for an hour or so before Grandma started making her delicious biscuits.

At breakfast someone asked, sort of half-heartedly, as we had a funeral to attend that day, who was at the door. I told them. It was the Sheriff’s Office. They were getting a donkey out of the yard.

A few seconds later, my mom starts laughing. This is a woman whose son had just died a few days earlier. We sort of stared at her… “My son sent a jackass to tell us he’s okay…”

We all started laughing – partly because it was funny, partly because we just needed to laugh. It was an AMAZINGLY cathartic moment and I’m not sure we’d have made it through the day without it.

To this day I see his face from time to time. I know it’s a trick – and I suspect it’s because I never got to see his body. But I can keep from losing it – knowing my mind’s playing tricks on me – because of that early morning jackass.

28. acejiggy19

My parents were out of town and my sister and I were staying at our house (I’m 17, she’s 14) and as our clock strikes midnight, we hear our 2 German shepherds going crazy in the living room.

We go to find out what is wrong, and one of the dogs is running in a circle, with a creepy, death stare at the center of the roof and is growling and barking, hair on her back standing up. The other was sitting a bit farther back with this really scared look on his face, and whimpering.

Freaked the hell out of me… Has happened a few times since then too, but not very often.


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