50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

24. planafuneral

This one happened to me and a friend named Jeff. A few years back in 2002 met this guy Jeff when he came through my checkout line buying baby food for his daughter. We’d talk about music, specifically Guided by Voices as he was a HUGE fan.

Anyway one of Jeff’s favorite activities was driving around late at night listening to Art Bell. I joined him on a few occasions and it was good laugh. We’d inevitably get something to eat at a drive through as well. Good times. I started researching haunted places online in Kansas City we’d drive to them, see nothing but have a good laugh.

However, one night we went to a cemetery I read about online, I remember it was right in the worse part of the ghetto. I want to say Elmwood Cemetery but I could be mistaken.

We drove right in, it wasn’t locked and this was right around 1 AM. I thought this was odd, but hey it’s the ghetto. I heard that drug dealers would work out of there and hookers would take johns there but the place was dead quiet. We got out and walked around together but saw nothing, we weren’t even spooked. On our way to back to his SUV things got a bit odd but we felt it was nothing and as we just got back to his SUV a lady with a child approached us, looked just like you and me.

Now this next part, I don’t know how to explain it but here goes. I asked her “how are you?” and she said “i’m fine” and she asked us, “what are you doing here” and I said “looking for ghosts!” and smiled. Next she just walked off towards the gates and said nothing. Me and Jeff were frozen for about 30 seconds until he said “oh shit, was that a ghost?” I said “No, it couldn’t be”. We got in his SUV, put the brights on but saw no sign of this lady walking up the long road to the gates. NO SIGN. We then stopped and compared notes. When the lady walked away there was no child with her.

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25. [deleted]

Okay, here we go:

  1. When I was 8 years old, my friend Patrick and I were in the woods near our houses. We were pretty deep into the woods when all of a sudden we hear Patrick’s mom calling us. There was no mistaking her voice, since she had a very unique Austrian accent. We keep hearing her calling out to us and we finally make it to his house and ask his mom what she needed. She said she never called us.
  2. I remember chasing my own doppelganger around my yard when I was 9. When I finally though I had cornered it between a fence and a wall, it had vanished.
  3. When I was 7 or 8, I remember going to the boys bathroom at school and some writing appeared on the mirror (like when you write on the mirror after you take a hot shower). The same thing happened a few days later on the mirror in the bathroom at my house.
  4. This one is tricky, but I swear it happened. When I was between the ages of 7-9, I remember waking up one morning and seeing crawfish all over the streets and on people’s lawns and cars. It had rained pretty viciously the night before and my friend and I were running around picking up the crawfish and playing with them. They were all making their way to the streets and floating down into the sewers. My friend vaguely remembers this and my parents don’t. I can’t find record of this ever happening (newspaper, radio, etc.), however there are records of animals raining down from the sky in other parts of the world.
  5. When I went to Ireland in the spring of 2000 for a school trip, we were staying in a hotel in this little town by a beach. Everyone on the trip ended up going to this club to party it up and my girlfriend and I and another couple went to a casino/arcade to play some games. We play for a bit and call it an early night and make our way back to the hotel. Everyone else is still out partying. The next day we all wake up for breakfast, pack our bags, and get back on the bus. Everyone is there except for one guy, Gilbert. The chaperons start freaking out thinking Gilbert may have wandered into the ocean while he was drunk and drowned. He wasn’t in his room or in anyone else’s room, so the hotel management starts going floor by floor and room by room looking for Gilbert. The girls on the bus start crying, expecting the worst, the adults are all freaking out. After about an hour, the find Gilbert. He’s exactly one floor up from the room he was supposed to be in (615 instead of 515, for example). Nobody knows how he got into his room as that room was not rented out and that floor was empty except for one other guest. Everybody, including the staff, was baffled.
  6. When I was 17, my girlfriend and her parents went on a trip to Hawaii. She asked me to go by her house every few days and watch her cats, give them food, etc. One day, I’m asleep and hear a cat meowing in my dreams. I them dream about a cat being stuck in a pond. I immediately wake up and rush over to my girlfriend’s house only to find her cat drowning in a shallow pool of water in an above ground swimming pool. I rescue the cat and all is well.
  7. Before my first day of starting at a new private school in a new town, I had a nightmare involving this horrific abstract human face. Everywhere I would look in my dream, this face would appear, and it was quite an unsettling visage. I woke up ready for school, a little bit shaken up by this dream, but thought nothing of it. On Friday, at the end of the my first week at this new school, we were required to go to mass. Upon walking into the church, the face that had haunted my dreams several nights before was the same face that was on the post-modern/abstract Crucifix hanging above the alter. I had never set up in that church prior to that point.


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