30 People Are Even More Oblivious To Flirting Than You Are

8. steelsar16

I literally asked the guy out. And he didn’t get it. You could practically see the invitation soar over his head. It wasn’t like he was politely rejecting me. He didn’t get it.

9. squashyboots

I saw a girl in a drug store and thought she was gorgeous. A female friend convinced me to walk up to her and just flat out say that I thought she was beautiful, so I did. I even prefaced it with the whole, “I wouldn’t ever normally do this, but I saw you and my friend over there convinced me just to come tell you how gorgeous I think you are.” I completely expected a polite, “Thank you,” and then for a girl who felt flattered to walk away smiling. Instead, she asked me my name, I told her, and she told me hers. I was unprepared for any of this, and extremely nervous, so then she asks me, “So, do you have any plans this weekend?” Me: “Nope, not really, what about you?” Her: “No, nothing at all.” :) Me: “Uhh, okay, well, it was really nice to meet you! I just wanted to tell you that. I have to get back to work now.”

It only took about two hours for me to realize what I had done. I literally smacked myself in anger.

10. redmagicwoman

Offered to show him my boobs.

11. Ftumsh

I was once in an alpha mood at a bar. Walked up to a hot girl and said ‘I am a doctor and I need you to show me your breasts’. She immediately opened up her shirt and showed me her bra, at which point I gasped and awkwardly walked away.


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