41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

21. 1radgirl

Dad of a newborn drowned the baby in the sink of their hospital room while the mom was away for tests. Worst day ever to be a nurse in the women and children’s unit!

22. DebateExposesDoubt

For 2.5 years, I was an autopsy assistant at one of the busiest morgues in the U.S. I spent my days either partnered with a forensic pathologist, doing the dirty work, or in a van driving around to crime scenes and hospitals to pick up victims. I saw an awful lot of evil shit, daily confirmations that mankind is capable of truly horrible acts.

A short summary of one of the worst things I ever saw: Some dad was driving drunk in the rain (flash flood situation) and had his three kids plus two children that belonged to friends in the backseat. He lost control of the vehicle (I think it involves the use of a cell phone) and ended up in deep ditch with the vehicle sinking in the water. Somehow he managed to kick out the back window of the car, and proceeded to CLIMB OUT OVER THE FIVE KIDS in the backseat. He swam to the shore and lived. Five elementary aged kids drowned.

The worst part was that we didn’t find all the kids at once. It was like a kid per day all week, further and further down the waterway. Their little school uniforms and High School Musical backpacks are burned into my memory.

That dad was evil via cowardice.

23. MissPoopsHerPants

Used to work at the courthouse in town. One day I needed to speak with a defendant in a domestic violence case. I shook his hand and spoke with him for a bit. I got a really bad vibe from him. Turns out he’d recently been released from prison, where he’d served a thirty-year sentence for murdering an 8 year old. Don’t know the circumstances of the crime, but it’s the only time in my life that someone has ever actually seemed evil to me.


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