41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

13. josolsen

Back in second grade we had this teacher who was just mad and evil. No student liked her, no parent liked her, and those of the faculty that admitted how they felt also didn’t like her. All because she was just a nasty person. Description of her would be short thin red hair, the face of a crooked nose witch, and a medical condition that gave her elephant it is legs so she hobbled around on tree trunks.

There was a kid in our class who just did not have an ideal life. Terrible mom, no friends, sad stuff. Well he has a problem with keeping things tidy. He didn’t have a binder for his folders so his papers were just all over in his backpack, and his desk was completely disorganized. A lot of our desks weren’t perfectly organized either, mine included, but his was the worst.

The teacher, sitting at her desk at the front of the class, asks for him to turn in a paper. He lifts up the desk lid and begins his search. After a minute she asks what’s taking so long, and the poor guy is panicking because he can’t seem to find it after shuffling through the mess a few dozen times. She starts to raise her voice about what’s the problem is and she starts her slow hobble up the aisle.

He is in full emergency mode looking for this paper and almost in tears because he knows what storm is coming. We all do. Once she gets along side him and is able to see the disaster that is his desk, she is completely LIVID. She starts a tirade about how he is a mess and why is it like this. At the peak of her berating, and the kid is frozen with his head low and tears rolling down his face, she grabs the desk by the legs, flips it over above their heads and dumps everything onto the floor. This table flipping act was done in a packed room so I’m surprised no one nearby got hit by the flip. She then slams it down, and he flinches the last time. She mutters at him to clean it up. And for the rest of the period, through tears and sobs and shaky hands, he cleans it up while the room is silent and that queen bitch sits and watches from her desk.

Many of my teachers and other faculty members have passed and I have mourned each and every one, but her death will bring me no sorrow.

14. palmairal

My friend once moved the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ sticker on a public map. In a major tourist area.

15. Vitamin_gun

There used to be a guy in my neighborhood who lived across from my bus stop. No one ever really saw him go outside. Well one day when all the kids get off the bus, he lets his pit bull out the door. The dog starts attacking the kids, including me and my little brother. My brother and I run towards my house to try to get my BB gun. (I wasn’t gonna try to kill it, but lead it towards me so I could give everyone else a chance to run.)

Well, the door is locked and I don’t have my keys on me. The dog followed us and pins my brother and I up against my porch. We decide to do the thing in Jurassic Park where you stay still and shut up. It actually worked. My brother and I are up against the porch facing this dog for a good 5 minutes. Out of nowhere my mom comes up behind it and slams the dog’s head with her keys, making it run back home to its owner, who is laughing his ass off during the whole ordeal. He was arrested the next day. That dog made me hate dogs for years until I met the nicest dog in the world. But that pit bull bit three kids, and scratched a fourth. They got checked for rabies and needed shots.


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