41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

6. JollyLoner

About 8 to 10 years ago a riot broke out in the third world country from which I originate. I was 10 or 12 years old (depending). We lived close to a short commercial street. That rage filled evening I witnessed one of the most heartbreaking, evil things to date.

Over the period of a couple of hours, a huge angry mob accumulated. There was a loud ambient noise of people shouting and screaming. So my curiosity led me to investigate even though I was told to stay away. As I watch from a distance, the mob started with a poor man’s shoe shop. A humble man, who probably had no insurance what so ever and had a small fortune’s worth of stock at the property, begged and pleaded at looters to stop. He got shoved around and abused which led him to break down into tears soon after. Some heartless waste of a human being threw a Molotov or something incendiary in the shop despite seeing the owner beg and cry. As the fire blazed out of control the mob moves on to the next victim while the owner retreats to the middle of the road in anguish. He sat there sobbing while watching his major financial investment turn to ash.

7. needmoretape

I saw a guy abandon a kid. Just pulled up to a random area near a park, threw the kid out of the car and drove off. I wont forget hearing some other man who was in the area screaming at the driver as he pulled away: “Your son, your son, stop man, stop!”

8. gimmebackmyracecar

Day 2 working at a photography store 12 years ago. Thirteen year old girl drops off film. It is of an adult man molesting her. Called cops, justice served. But left us with a serious “WTF?!”

9. tashaterror

I had a few girls set me up to be attacked by another girl on a trip to a nearby town. She attacked me at a party, and while she strangled me her boyfriend poured beer in my eyes so I couldn’t see. At the time I thought the girls I had made the trip with (the ones who set everything up) were my friends. After the whole ordeal ended I came to them crying and all they said was, “Fuck, we should have taken pictures!”


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