41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

4. g00sefrabaaaa

When I was young, a stray cat used to hang around my house a lot. My dad would give it milk and some food all the time. One day, an old racist couple moved next door. my mom and I went over to welcome them, they creaked the door open and yell “get off our property you f**** filipinos! and tell your other n**** neighbors to stay away!”
well one day, they saw my dad feed the stray cat. later that afternoon, my dad went to take the trash out and heard a horrible crying near our fence. he goes to look and finds the cat wrapped in barbed wire, bloodied, and the tail cut off. I helped my dad take the cat out, called animal services and the police on the neighbors. I was a younger then so I’m not sure what happened but they one day packed up and left.

5. cantspellawesome

I lived in London UK during the riots they had in the summer of 2011. I lived in Clapham Junction, right near the corner, up the street from Debenham’s, and across from a place called Party Superstore. I saw a lot of bad shit that night that made me feel uncomfortable with humanity — a mother holding the metal gate of an off license shop open so that her 9/10 year-old could squeeze in and start passing bottles of booze out to her — a herd of women walking into Debenham’s empty-handed, then back out with fully-stuffed roller luggage — and people throwing rocks at photographers. But the worst? The absolute worst feeling I ever had was seeing the look of terror on people’s faces in the windows of the flats across the road when they realized some looters had set the costume shop beneath their apartments on fire. It was like staring into an aquarium of panic. I think the looting was pretty bad, and the vanadlism too… but the complete lack of regard for the people living in the apartments above Party Superstore was chilling. I can remember a group of guys coming out of the shop in blank white masks, and one of them had a Jester’s hat on, and swayed beneath a street light while watching the shop catch fire.

The smell of the fire stuck with me for days. The guy who owned the shop, named Duncan – is a really great guy too. He ran a charity for Burmese orphans… That was a hell of a night.


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