41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

38. GreenGemsOmally

A girl I knew in college faked terminal cancer. She got a LOT of sympathy and compassion from myself and a lot of our friends. A few of us shaved our heads in solidarity for her when she shaved hers, because she “knew” her hair was going to fall out.

The worst was when she walked in the survivor’s lap of Relay for Life. Once she got outed as a liar, this was the biggest insult and affront to me. I have a fraternity brother and very close friend who is struggling with cancer, and her lies and bullshit insult the very real struggle that so many people have gone through. She wanted attention because she wasn’t dying.

I understand that she has some serious mental health issues, but it still makes me very angry.

39. JewelsMonkey

Old lady purposely slamming on her brakes with motorcyclist behind her. One slams into her back, throwing both old motorcyclist onto the trunk of her car. They were both hurt pretty badly. And another motorcycle had to go off the road, and they hit a pole. The guy was okay, but his wife hit her ankle on the pole.

The old lady got out exclaiming angrily that she didn’t do anything wrong. Her turn signal was on. Bunch of bullshit! Her blinker was not on, and everyone who had been exiting the store that was facing the road saw what happened. She looked like she was ready to bolt, and she had this cold look on her face. Are you fucking kidding me? You just severely injured two old people on a motorcycle, and you don’t even care?

40. NeoConMan

I saw real evil twice….

In 1989 a N Korean prison barge broke loose in a storm carrying 39 prisoners and 4 guards out to sea. My ship found them…I won’t go into detail about what happened to the men and women (and one infant), but after we sent the guards back to N.Korea (they didn’t want to return) and sent the prisoners to Australia….N.Korea accused us of piracy.

In 1991 my ship pulled into Abu Dhabi. I hired a Pakistani as a guide/interpreter and we just wandered around the city, while shopping in the Souk I noticed that there was one (and only one) female not covered head to toe and she was following a woman closely
I noticed her because she had bright red hair. I asked my guide if foreign women didn’t have to be covered and he responded “only if you are a (unintelligible).” I couldn’t make out the last word , so after a few seconds he said “(unintelligible) means slave….its not legal but it is tolerated”. She was about 4 years old.

41. trufflesalad

Back in elementary school, I witnessed a classmate steal another kid’s holographic Charizard. TC mark


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