41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

30. IamDoogieHauser

I witnessed this one fuckass trying to convince a sad teenager to kill himself. The kid looked like he gave up all hope, he wasn’t arguing back, he was just taking it all. As fuckass was walking away I then Punched him right in his fucking jaw. He dropped like Patrick Swayze. I hope that kid is doing all right today.

31. jamielsloan

About nine years ago, I was the passenger in my friend’s car driving west on I-70 towards the Lake of the Ozarks. While still on 70, I looked over towards the east bound side and saw a woman get out of her car, let her dog out, get back in and drive off while the dog was running after the car on the side of the interstate. To this day I regret not telling my friend to get off the next exit and head east bound to pick the dog up. Now, if possible, I always try to rescue strays. I hope someone witnessed this same atrocity and got that evil woman’s license plate.

32. BennyBoyBP

I live in a small town area (I live in a town of 2000) so crimes of any sort are noted widely. A couple of years ago we had something that still chills us. Some boys broke into a house one night, but before they broke in they had decided that if they found anyone in there they would kill them. So they break in armed with machetes, and find a mother and her 12 year old girl. They ended up killing the mother and maiming the girl. The girl lost many of her toes, has much scarring, and had to watch her mother die in front of her. The next day, after the crime was committed, the boys went to church as if nothing happened. They went to school after that, and no one noticed anything different about them. They were eventually caught and prosecuted fully. The fact that those boys knew what they were doing beforehand, and then went through with it on a little girl is just monstrous.

33. Nickelizm

I watched, as a helpless 12 year old, my sociopathic father choke my two beagle puppies to death with his bare hands.

Many more things that I’ve witnessed him stick out in my mind, but this is for some reason one of the most scarring. I can still hear the poor things’ squealing as their windpipes were crushed. Sometimes I wonder if I should seek therapy.


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