41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

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image - JD Hancock
image – JD Hancock

1. Richard_Fitzsnuggly

I grew up with a guy that lived just down the road. He was the local small town bad seed and everyone knew it. He reveled in it. He vandalized a 150 year old historical home dear to our town. He then went on to sodomize his 6yr old cousin. He was in and out of jail, heavy into drugs. Everyone knew he would eventually kill someone. When he was in his early twenties he beat an elderly woman to death in a mobile home for her social security check. He is still in prison at this time. He is the only person that I have ever met that is evil in its purest form.

2. bradt08

I was working in the ER of a local hospital one time and had this baby come in, bleeding from everywhere but we could not pinpoint it. Eventually we are about to put a breathing tube in and lifted the baby’s chin to realize that somebody had slit its throat. Freaked everybody out.

3. Carabeli

My friend and his mother were murdered during a break in at their house during Christmas. After his dad and brother got out of the hospital I went by the give my condolences and spent most of the time sitting in my friend’s room talking to his brother. It later turned out the brother hired two people to kill his family, shoot him in the arm, and then escape to try and inherit the family wealth.

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