30 Things That 30 Grown-Ups Didn’t Expect To Suck About Adulthood

When we were young, all we could think about was growing up faster. We thought about the career we’d have, the dog, the children, our perfect spouses and have the time to play video games all day long. I mean, you technically could play video games all day long, but that’s not being a productive member of society — unless you’re gosu-status and win tournaments, but let’s face it, you’re not. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. augenwiehimmel

I have to pay for everything!

2. Late_Night_Grumbler

I didn’t suddenly become astute or wise. I’m just a kid with more responsibilities and worries now.

3. Swarley_Brown

I bought a Nerf Gun today, and now I feel bad. Being an adult sucks.


Owning a home isn’t as fun as it sounds.

5. karnim

All of the sudden you want nice furniture. When I was a teenager, or even in undergrad, there’s no way I would have believed my options were getting a nice sectional, or taking the same money and going on a cruise. My god, furniture is expensive.

6. What_Is_Outside

Being completely out of groceries and living off of peanut butter and bread.

7. kiooil

“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” – Kurt Vonnegut

8. anomalouskeklol

The fact that I can’t do anything I want.

9. theupdown

i didn’t realize i would be so…scared. i thought i’d have all the confidence in the world and travel and what not. in reality i think i have an anxiety problem and am scared for my future .

10. KHDTX13

The question,”what do you want to be when you grow up?” Doesn’t apply to you anymore.

11. WadeWilsonforPope

When I realized I was done growing and my dick wasn’t going to be getting any bigger

12. PocketFullOfPie

Zits. You don’t automatically stop breaking out. It’s stupid.

13. I_love_shiny_shit

I thought you automatically got a drivers license and a fancy job where you got to carry a briefcase.

I was not prepared for this disappointment.

14. BadCupcake


Bad food makes you fat.

15. red321red321

I always loved playing with my shaving cream and fake razor as a kid because it looked cool to shave like my dad did. When I got old enough to shave, I realized that it’s annoying and not fun at all which was a big letdown.

16. TheRabid

My biggest letdown was the realization that everyone is faking it and that no one has their shit together.

17. johnw1988

Lack of imagination.

I can still think of creative things but I can’t put myself in another world. When I was a kid I used to feel like I was somewhere else when I wanted to but no I can’t even though I’ve tried many times.

18. Cardboardgroundhog

“I can have any kind of sugar cereal! I can have EVERY kind of sugar cereal! I can eat it every day if I feel like it!”

One bowl later…

“…Uggh. Next time, Shredded Wheat it is.”

19. Captian_Cocksmith

Nothing is very exciting anymore.

20. Bavmorda

Lack of choices. The number of available branches in the choose my own adventure of life are getting smaller and smaller. I don’t regret any of the huge life decisions I have made, I just don’t get to make many more… unless I cause some major upheaval, which I don’t want to do.


Here are a few things I have come to learn:

  1. Some dreams are not meant to come true.
  2. Everything has a price.
  3. Real friends are hard to come by.
  4. Trust should be earned, not given.
  5. Life is shorter than it seems.
  6. Disney lied about love.
  7. We all develop coping mechanisms.
  8. The only thing that stays the same is change.
  9. There is really no such thing as Karma.
  10. A lot of people grow to be resentful/angry/depressed after realizing some of the above.
  11. There’s more, but these pretty much sum it up.

22. windynights

There’s is something delicious in adolescent sneakiness. I miss the feeling.

23. MrWinks

My parents.

Yeah. I said it. The world is a cold dark place, but you two were supposed to be special.

24. ufm

I was well aware that there was no Santa Clause by the age of about 7. I knew it was Mom and Dad, me and my 1 year older brother used to pretend to be asleep when they left the shit at the end of our beds.
(Scene setting – in the UK Christmas is ‘The big one’, more so than the US, I believe.)

But it was only when I left home aged 17 I realised that it wasn’t Santa that made Christmas fun anyway. It was Mom and Dad.

Now I have my own kids, we do the same for them, and they love it.

I still can’t quite shake off a slight feeling of disappointment though, at not being able to recapture that stomach bubbling excitement that Christmas day brought when I was a kid.


Not having summer vacation!

26. SylverV

Visiting toy shops. Used to be the best event ever. Now, as an adult, I just feel a crushing sense of disappointment than I can’t legitimately buy that nerf bazooka.

27. Crankylosaurus

Good grades don’t automatically translate into a successful career.

28. bathtissuebuttwipe

The feeling where everything new and cool loses it’s luster.

“Wow! I have a job. I can buy whatever I want!”
“I never have enough for anything.”

“I can drive! I can go WHEREVER I want!”
“Oh God, I have to drive today.”

“I love this person so much. I have someone to laugh, have great sex, and discuss EVERYTHING with!”
“I’m so sick of you and it makes me resent you, but now we’ve moved in together and had children.”

29. Sinkers91

I will never play sports and get paid for it. It depresses me that no one will ever be my fan

30. 2013palmtreepam

Never dreamed I’d be living in a corporatocracy that dedicates itself to making citizens feel as powerless and hopeless as possible. Even worse is the fact that many people don’t want their fellow citizens to be able to improve their lives even slightly. Divide and conquer has worked extremely well in the US over the past 30 years. I grew seeing my parents get great jobs after earning a college degree, treated respectfully in the work place, work hard without constant fear of losing a job or benefits, have actual careers and retire with enough to live on. That almost doesn’t exist anymore but you don’t see people working together to bring it back. How bad does it have to get before we decide to turn it around? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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