45 Insanely Creepy And Bizarre Stories That Will Make You Check Your Locks At Night

19. micky21098

Let me start off by saying that when this happened I lived in a very safe neighborhood, the kind where nothing ever happens. So at the time I was about 9-10. I was walking home from school with a few friends. The group we had was about 5 people. The walk is only a mile and a half, so we weren’t very far from home. It was a Friday and all of us were going to hang out at my friend Amanda’s house. About half way through our walk home, a car passes us. We didn’t notice because tons of cars passed us, we were walking on a fairly busy street. Then it passed again. And again. After it passed the next time, my friend Alyssa, who was closest to the street, freaked out and told us. We looked behind us and saw it coming again. Now we were really close to Amanda’s house, and we ran. We didn’t care about crossing the street and getting ran over. We just booked it. And the car was following us the entire time.

Now, we were walking onto a suburban street lined with houses. Not a main road that leads somewhere, no, you only drove that street if you lived there. The car followed us onto that street. And then onto the next one where my friend lived. As we reached the house, it was no more than 15 feet behind us. We got into the house and screamed for her mom to come help us. A very concerned mother came out and we told her very quickly what happened. She called the cops immediately. We gave a description of the car, a white 4runner. Turns out the cops had gotten multiple calls about this car, and were already looking for it. I don’t know if they ever found it.

20. ckuhzzoolahan

When I was about 16, I used to visit my high school boyfriend every weekend. He lived in the neighboring town (about 30 minutes away), and we would usually stay together at our friend’s house. For a little background, I’d met these friends through my boyfriend and they’d all come from pretty low income families so I was pretty used to spending most of my time hanging out in the sketchier parts of the town. That whole city has somewhat of a reputation of being unsafe; there are many very poor neighborhoods, barely any jobs due to it’s rural location, and it’s well known for it’s meth users.

So one Friday or Saturday I show up to my friend K and D’s house. They lived in a VERY tiny mother-in-law unit in an alley, but would still have a lot of friends over so it was easily crowded and people who stayed the night usually slept in close quarters. So as soon as I get to their house that day, I notice that everyone is a little unsettled. It’s about 2 or 3pm, and my friend J recounts to me the weird events of that morning. So apparently the night before they’d had a little get-together. It had been D, K, J, my boyfriend, our friend C, and a guy we had somewhat recently been hanging out with who had brought a few friends. D and K were pretty laid back and didn’t mind when people brought their friends over, even if they hadn’t met them before, and it happened often. So everyone gets drunk, smokes some bowls, hangs out, and eventually everyone passes out in the living room. When morning comes, my friend J, now sober, opens his eyes and sees something strange. There is a man slumped against the heater on the wall, apparently sleeping. J goes through his mind, trying to remember which one of the friend-of-a-friends this was, but he couldn’t place it. He had never seen this man before. He described him as pretty normally dressed, hispanic, and possibly a bit older than all of us. He’s still groggy but also a bit paralyzed, not sure if he’s freaking out for no reason, or if maybe he’d just gotten too drunk and forgotten meeting the guy. He turns over quietly to the couch where our other friend C slept, and managed to wake him quietly.

“Dude…who is that?” he asked quietly, and gestured to the other side of the room, which, being such a small house was only about 6 or so feet away.

“…I don’t know.” With it confirmed at least between the two of them that this man was a stranger, they began to get pretty scared. Before either of them could do anything else, the man got up from his spot by the heater and walked over to the kitchen counter. He took a few cigarettes from someone’s pack that was left out, and walked to the front door. He then turned to C and J.

“I’ll be back later.” and he left. Eventually when everyone had woken up, the two of them told the story and asked anyone if they’d brought over a guy of that description. No one had, but someone, I can’t remember who, had noticed the guy there before everyone had gone to sleep, but assumed it had been one of the random friends brought over. However no one recalled interacting with him.

As J finished telling me this story I was SO incredibly creeped out and really wished someone had told me this before I’d come over, because if I had known I wouldn’t have come. For whatever reason, probably because I’d already asked my parents to drive me all the way there and because I knew if I went home I’d just be worried sick about my boyfriend, I stayed the night anyway. I triple-checked the locks and as we hung out and later as I slept in the living room I was on alert for anything; footsteps in the alley gravel, creaking of the porch. I was pretty freaked out but everyone else had laughed it off by the night time. But nothing happened. Morning came and days and weeks and months passed and the man never returned. Nobody ever figured out who he was, and now it’s just a weird, funny story between friends. But sometimes I think back to it and wonder what he wanted. If he had been so high or drunk that he’d gone to the wrong house, why did he act like everything was normal and say he’d be back later if he had obviously realized by morning he was in a strange place? I guess I’ll never know.

21. GreeneMachine1

I live in Calgary and was on my way home from a job interview today when this happened (it went great, fingers crossed!). I left the building and immediately went to the nearest stop for the train. Now, for those unaware, Calgary has a pretty sizable homeless population and it’s not uncommon for them to “ride the rails” to seek refuge from weather or to just pass the time, so I’m used to dealing with these types of people. In fact, when I moved here I found it strange how these people were so friendly. Most of the homeless I’ve run into here were generally really nice people and never do the whole “Got some spare change? no? fuck off” and will often just strike up a conversation.

So here I am, sitting on the train, when I notice this guy sitting across from me. I notice that he is flipping people the bird in a not-so-subtle way. Like, resting his hands on his lap flipping the bird. Now, at this point I’m not about to say anything, but he begins cursing and swearing randomly. There were children on the bus so I said something to the effect of “hey man, there are kids on here”. Big mistake. Buddy turns and looks at me and does a throat slitting motion at me and says “I’ll fucking kill you, kid” to the shock of everyone on the train. I’m no coward but I’m not about to argue with this obviously mentally unstable individual. Whatever. So I just sit back and watch the show. The guy continues the throat slitting motion, but now it was like some kind of nervous tick. He kept rubbing his face and then making the throat slitting motion at no one in particular and straight up blubbering gibberish. He got off the next stop and just fucking smashed one of the windows in the train with his hand and looks at me through the door and started spitting out obscenities and threats (I couldn’t really hear him over the commotion of people exiting the train). At this point I was thinking “fuck this guy, I’m never going to see him again. I will concede that I can be a smartass at times and what I did next may not have been the brightest move, but it felt great.

So buddy is outside the train hollering and cursing and calling me a bitch, etc, so I got an idea. There’s about a 10-15 second delay before the train departs after the doors lock. The doors lock and buddy is still going nuts so I just look at him through the window, flip him off and mouth the words “Fuck you, douchebag” Buddy goes absolutely fucking bananas and starts kicking the train while it’s locked down and tried to keep pace as it started pulling out of the station.

Maybe a little atypical of the average story on here but I certainly hope this fellow and I do not meet again.


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