45 Insanely Creepy And Bizarre Stories That Will Make You Check Your Locks At Night

7. Silvfer

I just cleaned out my storage, and then far inside I found a box that I thought I got rid of ages ago.

Inside I found my collection of Internet conversations left after the dust had settled in a nearly year long stalking incident I saved it to have as proof if I ever needed to get the law enforcement involved. It all happened in High school, I was a bit of a ladies man. Like most guys that age I was not interested in being tied down to a single girl. It all worked fine, I was always very clear that we could have fun together but I would not have a relationship that stretched beyond that.

But then love struck, the old dog was in love. It chocked many, with my reputation no one thought it was the real deal. Sadly that made it easy for my stalker to make her move. I still had contact (Non sexual) with my exes, most of them was and still are great friends to this day. We would take a drink or coffee together when I was in town and do all sorts of regular friendly stuff. I often got approached by girls in school who wanted to catch my interest and often got treated something in the cafeteria. I was pretty used to this, thankful but I still didn’t pay it much thought. I was social and polite to anyone who wanted to hang out with me and my friends.
We had this tiny group of friends that always kept together in school and we would frequently get a new member that wanted to hang with us and have fun.

We had earlier that year adopted “Sara” into our little circle, she was a somewhat socially awkward girl. Very tense and always needed approval by her surroundings and friends. But she was nice and fun at a start, so we took her in. I was a little extra nice to her in the start since she had trust issues and often went to me when something was wrong. I often helped her out or spent time with her since we had classes together and she often came with me and my friends on our spare time to drink coffee, visit a bar or older friends with apartments on the weekends to party. I knew she had started to fancy me a bit, but so did a few others and I had made clear that I was taken and not interested. She still persisted in giving me treats and food whenever she could and often brought me a cup of coffee for the bus ride to school that we shared every morning.
I accepted it since I need my morning coffee and I feel it’s very impolite to refuse.

Then rumors started circulating that we secretly dated, and my girlfriend got harassed by people who felt sorry for Sara who had told them that we wanted to be together but that she wouldn’t let us and I was afraid to tell anyone because I was moving in together with her and therefore couldn’t break it up. The web of lies she had created behind our backs was so complex I can’t believe it. I lost a few friends in this process since she had them all fooled. When the truth came out it was to late to fix many of the wrongs it had caused. It all happened both quickly and slowly, I had begun to suspect that something was wrong with Sara and stopped accepting her treats and just pretending to drink the coffee she brought me. I tried to avoid her and not encourage her in any way.

But odd rumors just kept appearing, that we been to party’s together, had meet and had sex in secret. And that I played with her feelings. I asked a friend to pretend to be a stranger and befriend her online, she quickly feel for it and they started talking more “intimate”. She had this secret online profile where she would stalk mine to discover what I was up to. She would tell this fake friend of hers the most weird things she conjured up in her head. I was supposed to once have given her a rose, she took it home and when she placed it in water it sprang rots instantly. It was because I had realized my true feelings for her. She invented fake meetings, and often told her “friend” that I was there or been there or that she soon would go to see me.

Of course I was together with that friend at most of those times and could be vouched for that I had not done any of those things. Sara had even started to make love potions, she apparently stuck some potion she made containing a herb and some hair from me in the coffee that she offered me on the buss. Thankfully I had stopped to really drink it a few days before the first dose. I have a lot of pages on this and need to read through them because 10 years is a long time to remember back to. This got longer and more messy then I thought when I started typing so I’m ending this soon. I hope it’s not to messy and hard to comprehend since I just blurted this out. It all ended with a few lost friends, but she didn’t go nuts and try murder me or my girlfriend thank goodness. It’s something I never want to experience again.

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8. alicenidiotland

This story happened when I was 24. I was dating this really nice guy that I had known for a while because he was a regular at a bar I worked in. I was a chain smoker at the time and , since there was only one room he allowed smoking in, we hung out there a lot.

This guy’s house was creepy as hell anyway because it was very old and literally had a graveyard in the backyard. We’re listening to music and kissing but I get this weird feeling like somebody is watching me. I tell him about it and he just brushes it off. We go back to kissing but I’m so not in the mood anymore. I’m still totally freaked out and I’m getting a little annoyed that he’s treating me like a child. I just feel that something isn’t right.

I start looking around and that’s when I see her. There is a girl clinging to the window with her face pressed against the glass! And she looks pissed! I scream and just freeze up. I’m standing in the middle of the room pointing at the window, hyperventilating , and grabbing on to him for dear life. At first he thinks I’ve lost my mind but then he sees her.

Instead of comforting me or calling the police, he starts running toward the front of the house where the front door is! I try to grab him and pull him back. He pulls away and opens the door. This girl comes in like a whirlwind. She’s yelling and breaking shit while I have hidden myself behind a couch in the smoking room.

I have no idea how long this screaming and smashing of furniture goes on. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die that night. I hear what sounds like a frying pan being thrown at something breakable and the front door slam. I seem to be in an altered state of consciousness because, the next thing I know, is the guy is back and is dragging me outside. The minute we get to my car I start throwing up and just kind of jump in and lock my door.

On the drive back to my house, I find out the girl was his ex. They had recently broken up and she knew he was seeing someone else. She was supposed to be at work and not spying on him.

9. myotterboxbroke

Two years ago I studied abroad in Paris, and was going to visit my friend at her apartment one night. As usual I took the metro, and I had to make a line change. As I squeezed my way onboard, I kind of bumped shoulders with a young (late 20s, early 30s) African male. I just said excuse me and grabbed onto the hand rail on the ceiling, thinking that would be the extent of our interaction.

Well I was wrong, because as the metro got moving the man struck up a little conversation with me. It started innocuously enough, with him asking if I was American and what I’m doing in Paris. I politely told him I was there for the semester to study abroad, and the questions became a bit more personal. He asked where I was studying, living and what I was doing that night- he even asked where I was headed.

At this point I was thoroughly sketched out, and I began trying to answer the questions as vaguely as possible. I hoped that my curt responses would deter further questioning/communicating, and it sort of worked. I finally got to my stop, and exited the train. Now, there were two exits to leave the metro station, and for some reason one of them was a lot more crowded than the other. This was one of the dumbest things I have ever done, but I decided to take the isolated exit out. In retrospect I should have probably stayed with the crowd and tried to lose him, but I wanted to be sure he was following me before I did something.

Sure enough, my new pal was about 5 feet behind me, following me. I ducked into a bar right by the metro exit, and the dude fucking came in with me, trying to chat again and asking more about where I was headed. I just sort of stood by the bar waiting for him to leave, and then he said he had to go step outside to make a phone call- sketchy. After he left, the bartender came to me and asked if I was okay and if I wanted that guy to be there. Relieved, I filled him in on everything, and he told me he’d get him out of there. The bartender and another patron told the guy to gtfo (nicely) and I texted my friend asking her to come meet me at the bar because I didn’t want to walk alone. She came to meet me and everything turned out just fine, but it was late and dark and I was in a foreign country so this was pretty unnerving.


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