45 Insanely Creepy And Bizarre Stories That Will Make You Check Your Locks At Night

43. SnoreBaby

Just for background, I’m a girl, early 20s, and this happened last year.

I have a twitter account, which I kept private (as in, I’d have to approve followers before they could see my tweets). I didn’t have a whole lot of followers, and I’d approve people who were friends of friends, etc. Which I probably should not have done.

But anyway. I approved this one girl, Mary, to follow me, and I followed her back. Mary was really into twitter. She’d tweet every five minutes, foursquare her every location- like she’d check into roads and streets- and she’d tweet every song she was listening to, what she was currently watching. It got annoying very quickly, as my entire feed was comprised of Mary’s activities.

Because I did not know her personally, and hardly interacted with her anyway, I unfollowed her. Shortly after that, I heard from friends that she was tweeting about me, making fun of my user name, my description, etc. It was very strange, but I shrugged it off as her being hurt that she lost a follower (I conclude now that she was VERY dependent on online activities to feel good about herself).

A few days later, a friend messaged me asking me about my ‘new twitter account’ to which I replied “what??”. Turns out, SOMEONE made a twitter account using my picture, a weird version of my name and a twisted version of my user name. They even used the same theme and background (which they would have had to search very hard for, as it was not easy for me to find them). On this account, they posted a lot of my personal information, from where I lived, to my dog’s name.

I tweeted something like “thanks Mary for that parody account”. And the crazy girl kept insisting that I made this account to ‘frame’ her. I ended up having to email twitter to get it down, which thankfully they did. I really didn’t want all that personal info out there.

I heard later that she was ‘obsessed’ with me and would tweet about me if she saw me anywhere like at concerts or at our uni (I never met her IRL thank God).

After that, I cleaned up all my accounts, and deleted a lot of tweets that contained personal info, and blocked A LOT of people. I thought that because I didn’t accept strange GUYS on my accounts that I’d be safe. But apparently girls can be crazy obsessive too lol.

44. owllamp

For reference, I’m a girl and was 17 when this happened, my sister was 14.

It was the afternoon and I’d gone to pick my sister up from gymnastics because my parents were out of town. Now my town is pretty small, so it isn’t necessarily strange to have a car driving behind you for a while, but for some reason the green car that had been following us for the past couple of minutes had gotten my attention.

My worry became magnified when they turned their blinker on to follow us down our residential street. Even though people do use the road as a shortcut my chest got tight and I felt sick to my stomach. Despite the anxiety I pulled into my driveway, which was incredibly stupid and I should have kept driving. I turned off my car and looked back to see the car pull into the parking lot of the small church across the road with the car facing our house. My sister hadn’t noticed the car, and I hadn’t said anything, so she started to get out. I told her to get back in. I cranked the car back up and started to back out. The car pulled out and left.

I sat in my car and called my mom who called the police. The officer came by and took a statement for a report and told us that we had to be careful because we were “pretty girls.” As if attractiveness had anything to do with it. I felt he wasn’t taking me seriously because I could not logically explain the feeling of dread that I’d had. They patrolled my street that afternoon and that’s all that came of it. A couple of weeks later we heard about a man that knocked on the door of a young girl in town who was home alone and tried to lure her into his car, which happened to be green.

45. koleypunch

This happened when I was 10 or 11 (so about 18 years ago), I was with my mom and my brother, who was maybe a year or so old at the time. My mom never drove, so we often took the bus whenever she had errands to run and my dad wasn’t available. This particular day, the bus was crowded and the only free seats were two together, plus another set of double seats ahead of it, one of which was occupied by a man.

My mom and brother took the two seats together, and I sat in front of them next to the man. I very distinctly remember the man being tall (or as tall as an 11 year old can guess from someone who is sitting), skinny and had a moustache. He looked over at me and smiled. At the time, I remember being freaked out by it. It was definitely not a pleasant smile, but a creepy one.

The man, still smiling, reaches over and begins to touch/rub my stomach. I immediately realize THIS IS NOT OKAY, and jumped up. I stand by the seats my mother and brother are in and ask “Mom, can I sit here with you please?!” and proceed to squeeze in.

To this day, I have never told my mom what happened, and if she could tell how freaked out I was, she never asked why. Maybe she just assumed that strangers scare me.

Also, I have no idea what the man did after that. Frankly, once I was safe with my mother, I stopped caring about the man and his creepy smile. TC mark

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image – Abby Lanes


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