45 Insanely Creepy And Bizarre Stories That Will Make You Check Your Locks At Night

37. Camp_Koala

So, little bit of back story, I was 22, living in a new state,I am around 5″2, and female. Where I worked I was generally off in the corner of the building working by myself. My shift was from 10pm to around 7am.

It was around my first break, I decided to work through it because, I had a lot to do and didn’t want to leave a lot for day shift to worry about, I noticed a guy, he was older then me,probably late 20’s-early 30’s had been walking around my area for a while looking around, I decided he probably needed help, I asked if I could help him find anything and he asked where the adult diapers were so I showed him and that was that.

The next day he was there at the same time, this time however, he came straight to me and started to talk, I kept working so I didn’t fall behind in my work, the conversation was generally normal he was here from out of town working he never specified for what. Then he started talking to me about of all things periods!

Obviously,by this point I am weirded out. I am a pretty friendly person so, I tried to change topics and finally said I needed to get something from the back,when I came back he was gone.

Next day same deal, here he is, this time he decides to tell me he was born with both male and female,I am just standing there like, alright I don’t know why that would be something I need to know about you since, I don’t know you…I don’t even know this guys name! Then, he asked me what stuff I use because, he “has a heavy flow.”

About this time I excused myself to the back room to find one of my bosses,I was mainly uncomfortable with the fact that this person I don’t know is telling me things that are very personal and asking me personal questions in an attempt to almost bond with me in a way.

This went on for almost a week. I was always on the lookout for this guy so I could go to the back and not deal with him,one night though he seen me on my way to the back, I tried to loose him he followed me the whole way to the back room.

He finally left me alone while I was working when one of the bosses finally got there to talk to him, told this guy he was making me very uncomfortable, and I had to work not socialize.

I even quit going outside to smoke because I was a little scared he’d be out there waiting. Which even after he left me alone,still scared me as the hotel he was staying at was near where I lived and I walked by myself to and from work.

So, that’s my creepy story,never seen him after that,I did however find out he was related to a co-worker,was not born with both parts,and just generally insane.

38. missionnowhere

I knew this guy , Tom , for a few years. Tom and I were the same age , 22. He was a ladies man , a player. We were just friends , though he tried being “more” on several occasions.

One night , while over Tom’s apartment with a few friends , we’re watching a movie. Tom offers everyone a drink. He told me that he had a “special one” for me. I assumed he meant that he just put more alcohol in mine. Cool. Apparently there was more than just that in it though. I remember after having a few sips feeling odd. I excused myself to use the bathroom. I felt lightheaded and disoriented. I had only had one drink before those few sips so I definitely wasn’t drunk. After splashing my face with water , I decided to ask one of my friends for a ride home.

When I walked out of the bathroom , Tom was waiting for me. He pulled me into his bedroom and started undressing me. The rest is a bit fuzzy but I remember him feeling me up and telling me it “was finally going to happen.” I told him “no” but was too out of it to really fight back. I guess one of our friends noticed us gone and came to look for us. He came in and ended up stopping Tom. Our friends know I’m not into him at all. I guess they threatened to call the cops on Tom but he insisted that I “came on to him.” Luckily , my friends were there to save me. They took me home.

Tom later apologized and confessed to slipping something in my drink. None of us really see him anymore. We stopped going around after this incident. He blames me for losing quite a few friends.

39. sacaco

I was sitting at home one night around 9pm when my best friend calls to tell me she is home alone and is really creeped out by some noises she is hearing. She also thinks she has seen a figure walking around outside. This was very unlike her. I agree to make the 10 minute drive to come keep her company. She lives out in the country, and her backyard area is basically a forest. On my way, she calls to say she just saw a man looking directly in her window. I haul ass.

Her garage is attached to the house and has large windows facing the driveway. It is always open and has a (usually unlocked) door into the rest of the house. As I’m pulling in, my headlights shine into the garage, and I see a man walking around in it. I am totally calm because I assume it’s her dad or brother who’s gotten home. I get out of my car and stroll up to her front door, calm as an idiot cucumber. Before I can get there, she comes running out of the bushes with a fucking knife. I (still calmly, for unknown reasons) ask, “hey, is your dad home or something?” She immediately flips the fuck out and demands why. Me: “…I saw a man in your garage” (aaand now it all clicks) “WAS THE GUY????” Her: “Right as you were pulling up, I heard someone trying to open the garage door, so I ran outside! Your headlights must’ve scared him off!”

We get in my car, and I call 911. She calls her parents who rush home. Her parents get home right as the cops get there, and suddenly her old-ass neighbor emerges from the bushes, shotgun out. Apparently, her parents called him right after she called, and he was waiting to shoot the fucker dead. The police searched the house but didn’t find anyone.

Fortunately, this has a happy ending. A few days after this, they find the guy who did it. It was some weirdo who actually lives in a house directly through the woods behind her house (which is nearly a mile away). He has a long history of pedophilia and various petty crimes. At the time this happened, he was on parole, which doubly-fucked him. He had apparently creeped on quite a few neighbors who knew who he was and just thought he was weird. I just wonder what he would have done, knowing my friend was home alone. Very glad my headlights scared him away.


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