33 Heartwrenching Last Words Of People On Their Deathbed

15. Gillybilly

My dad’s last words (heart attack in the shower, he died while we were waiting 45 fucking minutes for an ambulance to travel two miles) were: “I always knew I’d be bollocks-naked when I died, My life was fucking brilliant”

16. GenL

When she was in the hospital with terminal cancer, my mom confessed to me she cheated on my dad when they were still together. It wasn’t a particular shocker. They had separated years earlier. I said “who wouldn’t have? He was miserable and emotionally inaccessible.” I think she felt better.

She also said “Of course I have to die of ASS CANCER. Everyone’s donating money to breast cancer and wearing ribbons. Nobody cares about ASS CANCER.” She was funny right up to the end.

17. richardasterd

My great uncle flew for the Navy in WWII and then flew commercial jets for 30 years. While laying in a hospital bed his last words to my dad were “Looks like a good night to fly”

18. SydTheDrunk

My moms last words to me were: “You have to learn the difference between Chinese and Japanese people, because they don’t like it when you mix them up.” I wish I was joking.

19. ibowds

I’m not an EMT, nurse, doctor or anything like that. Just a regular college student. For the past 5 years I have been making different holiday cards for two retirement homes in the area. I make about 130 homemade cards for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I enjoy making them since a lot of people there don’t have families, their families just dump them there, or you do have the lucky ones with families that visit. Anyway, I got a phone call from one of the homes yesterday telling me one of their patients passed away in the night. Her last wish was to tell me thank you for remembering her. She passed away holding all the cards I had made for her. This is why I’ll never stop making them.

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