32 Stories From Internet Strangers That Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder Constantly

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1. jkdeadite

When I was younger, I went to bed, and was woken up shortly after by knocking on the front door. No one else answered it, so I went, scared out of my mind, because no one knocks at night. I opened the front door and saw no one. Then, I blacked out, and when I opened my eyes, I was standing outside, holding the screen door open. The front door was closed, and the deadbolt was locked.

I knocked on the door as hard as I could, and my mom answered. She asked me how I got outside, and all I could say was, “I don’t know.”

Our best assumption is that I was sleep walking – dreaming the entire thing – and my little sister saw that the door wasn’t locked, so she locked it (she’s got a legitimate phobia of the dark, so she gets scared if all the doors aren’t locked).

2. AnalBumCovers

I was sleeping over at a friend’s house. That night we heard scratching at his window and neither one of us wanted to sit up and look. We did ask each other if we heard it, and we both did.

Maybe 20 minutes later, we heard yelling from outside his room down in their living room. We heard my friend’s dad saying “move and i shoot.” We got up to see what was going on, expecting a burglar. It ended up being a bald guy in what looked like a hospital gown crouched over in a corner with my friend’s dad pointing a handgun at him. This dude kept staring at all of us, slamming the ground with his hand, trying to scare us away like we were animals.

Turns out he was some dude that escaped from a mental health ward. Creepy thing about that is there isnt one of those within 13 miles of the town i live in.

Yes really.

3. F-22Philosoraptor

On April 3rd, my friend and I were riding four-wheelers in the woods behind my neighborhood and we came across a freshly-dead body. The head had been really messed up (from a gunshot) and cops jumped our shit when we called them. Apparently a kid executed this girl out in the woods and then left the body there.

4. tjd6

My dad was playing golf with his older brother when they were teenagers and they came across a dead body. Apparently the guy had offed himself by shooting a shotgun into his abdomen. His spine was broken and sort of poking up out the back. His older brother decides that he’s going to go tell someone, so my dad has to stay and watch the body. So he was left for like a half hour with the body just laying there. He started practicing his chips. He’d do like 3, then look back over to make sure it was still there.

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