22 Sweet Life Hacks That You’ll Totally Use

There are some things in life that you just don’t know the answer to. Rather, it just doesn’t occur to you that there’s solutions to fix that problem you’re having. I looked through r/LifeProTips and thought that some of these cool tips should be shared.

1. wrenny20

Sick of your mugs looking dirty after they’ve been used for tea? Mix together some vinegar and salt in the mug and rub with a kitchen towel. The stains will disappear. It works without the salt, too, but not as well.

2. Sayyed_saif

I’ve noticed putting icy hot on mosquito bites helps get rid of the itch pretty quickly. It will slightly sting for a few seconds but avoid touching it. Not sure if this would work for everyone but it has been working for me all summer as well as for the few people I’ve told it to.

3. PareidoliaX

If you play sweaty sports, save those ‘Do not eat’ silica packets you get in packaging and put them in your equipment bag. They will help absorb the moisture and reduce the stink.

4. digitalcampfire

Mix fabric softener and water in a spray bottle for a cheap, quick way to freshen up your clothes. About a 1/20 mix should do the trick but it depends on the fabric softener.

5. tictactoism

When doing sit-ups if you place your tongue on the roof of your mouth it will stop you from straining your neck.

6. aceat64

Put wood glue over a splinter, let it dry then peel it off.

7. mundabit

Take some cling film and lay it over the surface of the remaining ice cream so it touches the ice cream, then put the lid on the tub.
The cling film stops the air from causing “freezer burn” on the ice cream, which is what contributes to those ice crystals.

8. beeswaxx

Drink a glass of water before you drink anything else. If you want to lose weight or just stay healthy always drink a glass of water before you drink juice/soda/wine or whatever you want to drink. You will feel less thirsty and not able to drink a lot more.

9. IRISistable

Moving? Call your local liquor store! They have boxes that are made for handling weight, and some have handles. And best of all, (at least at my local liquor store) they are FREE.

10. kubara

Ladies, when trying on swimsuit bottoms, make sure the fabrics tight around the bum. The fabric will stretch a half size bigger once you get in the water (the classic baggy bum look).

11. bsos32

Wet a t-shirt you would sleep in and run it through the spin cycle on a washing machine for about 30 seconds until the shirt is damp but not dripping wet. Then put your tshirt on and put your ceiling fan on or re-direct a floor fan towards your bed so that the air hits the damp shirt and cools your body. It’ll cool you down quickly and will make it easier to go to bed. The next day you will wake up and since it was put in the rinse, your shirt will be dry as well as the bed sheets like normal!

12. long-da-schlong

Charge any bill or fee to “my account” whenever possible at a hotel, including restaurant charges as it gives you the opportunity to get a refund easily if something does go wrong. Up front purchases are usually final sale, or the manager needs to go through “back office” in order to issue you a refund.

13. jdmousley

If you’re outside for a while, or you’re just really hot, run cold water over your wrists from either a water fountain or a bathroom sink. I learned this tip a while ago, and remember it had something to do with how the blood flows from your wrists. Also, remember to stay hydrated and safe because heat stroke sucks. Hope this helps!

14. rsteele1981

You can scribble a dry erase marker over a sharpe marker on most hard plastics and wipe it completely off. It sort of works on metal too.

15. Dr_Kaos

Want a quick and clean way to kill house flies? Spray them with Windex.

16. kranbes

Driving alone somewhere at least 30 min away? Listen to a TED talk! Time will fly and you will learn LPTs at the same time!

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17. peatymasta

Come home drunk? Clean your home/ apartment. I hate falling asleep drunk, so if I ever have a few too many at the bar and come home, I always like to clean up my place. It’s a great way to sober up, the work goes by like a blur, and you wake up to a really nice environment.

18. 3magdnim

Hide a $20 bill in your wallet/purse. It can really come in handy when you can’t use a card–saved my ass several times. Also, if it gets lost or stolen, it’s not enough to bankrupt you (hopefully).

19. kodozoku

Befriend your mail carrier. My mail carrier’s name is Andre. When it’s hot outside I leave him bottles of water, and I leave him holiday cards, etc. Your mail carrier works for you every day and you should appreciate them! When I have packages coming he texts me. I only live a few blocks away from my office so if a signature is required I can run home and sign. If something is too big to fit in my box, he’ll stash it somewhere inside the building and text me the location.

20. horgendorfer

Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 3 cups of water in a ziplock bag for amazing ice packs. (Never apply the icepack directly on the skin.)

21. puyaabbassi

I have the solution [for going to bed] in two words: Bob Ross. You’re welcome and sweet dreams.

22. cyberfinger

Put off a curious dog on the path ahead of you by sniffing loudly and looking up and away. You are running down a path and you see a dog ahead checking you out. He could run up to say high or start barking, neither of which you want while you are training. The trick is to make the sniff loud enough so they can hear and then to look away, while turning your nose up, in one fluid move. I’m a runner and I’ve been doing this for years. It seems like a canine smack-down because their posture changes from an alert let’s-play to a huh-wtf? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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