29 Things From The 90s You Might’ve Forgotten About

Here is a list of 29 things from the 90s that you might not remember on your own.

1. AOL Chat Rooms

2. Dial-up Modems

3. Gator Golf

4. Floppy Disks

5. AOL CDs

6. Crossfire Board Game

7. Animaniacs

8. Pinky and the Brain

9. K-B Toys

10. Kid Pix

11. Oregon Trail

12. Skip It

13. Discman

14. Bill Nye the Science Guy On TV

15. Boy Meets World

16. Freakazoid

17. The Tick

18. Johnny Bravo

19. Wishbone

20. Jumanji

21. Magic Ball

22. Medabots

23. Magic School Bus

24. Kevin Mitnick

25. Home Improvement

26. Natural Born Killers

27. Dolly the Sheep

28. Napster

29. Bob Ross

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