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Maybe You’re Choosing To Stay Stuck

Maybe you’re choosing to stay stuck.

For a while, I was too. There was a time before I began this self-study of mine where I had awoken to my discontent but was afraid of actually moving forward. What would others think? What if I changed my mind? What if I failed? What if I succeeded and my whole world was different?

And it took me a while of wanting the change, of asking for the change, of waiting for the change, before I actually gave myself permission to make the change and trust that I’d discover everything I’d need to know along the way.

So maybe you, too, are choosing to stay stuck. Maybe there’s part of you that is choosing to stay where you are, even if you tell yourself it’s not where you want to be.

Maybe there’s a part of you that is scared to change, uncertain and afraid of who you might be, what or whom you might lose, or what you might do if you did.

Maybe you look around now and say, “I want more.” You look at your dreams and goals with longing, placing them at some point in the future and saying, “That will be me someday.”

But if you’re really honest with yourself, deep down, you’re not making any real effort to get there.

Maybe you’re stuck because you want to stay stuck. Maybe you’re indulging in that familiar and certain unhappiness because the path to where you want to be is long and winding and you can’t always see what’s ahead.

No, never can you really see what’s ahead.

And that takes courage. That takes bravery. That takes being willing to walk on unstable ground, to let go of what’s rooting you now, because that’s exactly what’s holding you back.

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