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Pursue Meaning, Not Success

I’m not telling you that you have to quit your job to pursue your passions full-time in order to be fulfilled. That’s not true, and sometimes that kind of pressure can extinguish the fire of what we love to do.

Your Dreams Are Not About You

It’s about something so much greater than you. Something only you have been chosen to bring to the world. To be sure, you are important, you are irreplaceable, you most certainly matter, but it’s still not about you.

We Found Grace In A Bathroom Mirror

Sometimes grace is a slow and brilliant sunrise; you anticipate its arrival on the horizon after making it through a long dark night. Other times, grace is a subtle and swift breeze when you’d gotten so used to the stillness in the air; a moment of relief felt between sisters in a bathroom mirror — unexpected, but wholeheartedly felt for those few lingering seconds.