Why Everyone Is Jealous Of You, According To Your ‘Love Language’

Who you are depends at least in part on how you give and receive love (according to expert Gary Chapman, there are five main ways).

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

1. Quality Time

Since you value quality time so much, you’ve made it a priority over the years to groom yourself into an individual people actually WANT to spend time with. As a result, you’re relatively easy going and pleasant to be around. You’re not the type who needs to be doing something super exciting in order to have a good time. You can make even the most banal situations fun just by being present. By necessity, you’re a people person, and others are bound to envy just how magnetic you are—when they’re not inviting you out somewhere, or asking to come over and hang out, that is.

2. Words of Affirmation

You thrive off of affirmation, so you figured out early on how to accept compliments in the most gracious way possible. You acknowledge flattery without seeming at all boastful or exuding a false sense of modesty. You’re always polite and grateful to others for their kindness and that gentle, well-mannered nature inspires people to be yet kinder—both to you, and those around them. People admire you for your ability to engender so much positivity.

3. Physical Touch

Through respect and appreciation for the power of physical touch, you’ve mastered the art of reassuring your fellow humans that they’re safe and loved with one carefully executed tender move. You’re an expert at affection and let’s face it: everyone loves you for it. You know exactly how to flip someone’s mood from despondent to contented through a perfectly-timed caress or a little gentle petting. People are in awe of your ability to know when they need a hug or a hand squeeze before they even do. When it comes to the human body, you’re incredibly perceptive. You’re also an amazing masseur, and an especially cuddly lover.

4. Receiving Gifts

Since you understand just how lovely it can be to receive a thoughtful, well-timed gift, you’re the first to think about presenting them to others. You’re the one who orders a cake for your coworker’s birthday, who plans the celebratory get-together for a friend in honor of a recent achievement, and forwards hilarious memes to people who will definitely be amused by them. You like the crap out of people’s social media posts because you truly enjoy spreading the well of good feels. And you always send thank you notes. You are constantly aware of opportunities to demonstrate that you care through small but meaningful gestures and others wish they could be as consistently charitable as you are.

5. Acts of Service

Those who value demonstrations of love through acts of service tend to be service-minded themselves. You’re the one who volunteers to take on that extra task at the office so your friend doesn’t have to. You proactively do things like tidy up the house and shop for groceries with others in mind. But you do these things without expecting any accolades. What you crave most in life is the reciprocation of caring behaviors, but you don’t demand them. Your generous spirit is impressive, and others are bound to get jealous of the effortless do-gooder in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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