50 Ways To Define ‘Happiness’ In Exactly Five Words

Twenty20, mikaelanicolle
Twenty20, mikaelanicolle

1. Figuring out what actually matters.

2. Loving friends with total abandon.

3. Discovering the secret silver lining.

4. Every single life-changing aha! moment.

5. Holding each other whenever possible.

6. Actually talking to friends IRL.

7. Truly appreciating the little things.

8. Together in bed, watching Netflix.

9. Missing a book you’ve finished.

10. When a crush crushes back.

11. Waking up next to her.

12. Deciding to smile, whatever happens.

13. The satisfaction of creating something.

14. Learning to appreciate failure’s value.”

15. Pizza when you’re crazy hungover.

16. Reliving your very first kiss.

17. His hand enclosed around yours.

18. The first blossoms of Springtime.

19. Loving yourself truly, madly, deeply.

20. Makeup sex after a fight.

21. Tweeting birds instead of witticisms.

22. That she gets you, totally.

23. His soothing, ripe morning scent.

24. High-fiving friends after a win.

25. Knowing you’re better off together.

26. Sharing in all her achievements.

27. Total silence—except for laughter.

28. Cooking comfort food in winter.

29. Bursting with love for them.

30. Finding the will to forgive.

31. Making her proud of you.

32. A platonic but meaningful hug.

33. Eye contact, no screens around.

34. Embracing after too long apart.

35. Making your best friends lol.

36. That knowing smile you exchange.

37. Feeling good for doing good.

38. Finishing a long-term project—finally.

39. The fact that they’re yours.

40. Building a life with them.

41. Looking at them, feeling safe.

42. Recognizing you’re one lucky fucker.

43. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes.

44. Sleeping in because you can.

45. Spotting talent in someone else.

46. Feeling valued as an individual.

47. Moving people through telling stories.

48. Loving another more than yourself.

49. Wandering the world, totally free.

50. Your morning cup of coffee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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