11 Tiny Ways To Make Everyday Life Feel Like Magic

11 Tiny Ways To Make Everyday Life Feel Like Magic

1. Get up with the sunrise. Do you see how the colors and the light find a way to make everything they touch seem like glowing? That’s magic.

2. Let yourself savor your cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Maybe that means you have to get out of bed five or ten minutes earlier – but there’s something quite magical about being able to sit in silence with nothing but your thoughts and your morning beverage.

3. Take just five minutes to go outside every day – and if you’re able to, let your bare feet touch the ground and the grass beneath your feet. Do you feel how the blades tickle your toes and the strength of the earth underneath you? That’s magic.

4. Savor the time in your shower. The shower is one of the last places where we cannot plug into a screen or scroll on the internet. It’s just you and your thoughts in the shower, without any notification or buzzing or alerts – so give yourself some time to savor that uninterrupted time.

5. Pay attention to the smiles of the ones that surround your table. Do you see how their smile reaches their eyes? That’s magic.

6. When you gather around a table for a meal – I hope you savor each bite. The meals and the dishes that you’re now eating were, just hours ago, simple ingredients. But the cook has combined them into a meal that delights your tastebuds and feeds not only your body but your soul.

7. Do you notice how the laughter of the ones that you love instantly make your heart feel full and put a bright spot in your day? Pay attention to those sounds. That’s magic.

8. When you miss the ones you love, don’t let it remain a thought, but rather – do something about it. Call them. Text them. Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you care about them. There’s nothing quite like the connection of love between two souls – therein lies the magic of being human.

9. Hold onto your hope – and give that hope to every soul you meet. If you believe in the good in people, never hesitate to say it. If you think that we can be better, never pause that journey. Hope is contagious – whether it be in politics or personal events. Hope is something that will see you through to the other side of the mountain you’re trying to climb – and that’s magic.

10. Please pick up a book and read it. In black and white ink, there is the piece of someone’s heart and soul – and you get to carry a bit of that with you for the rest of your days.

11. When the world’s chaos feels as if it’s too much, I hope you turn on your favorite song. I hope you let yourself get lost in the lyrics and the melody and the harmony. When you hear yourself humming along to whatever it is that’s lifting your spirits, remember that a person composed that – and that’s magic.

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