28 One-Sentence Reminders For Anyone Hurting After Being Ghosted

1. You deserved a better goodbye.

2. The unfortunate truth of it all is that you will never know why they ghosted you—and yes, that’s a difficult thing to stomach.

3. The unfortunate truth of it all is that it might not have anything to do with you personally.

4. The unfortunate truth of it all is that those truths don’t make it hurt any less.

5. The unfortunate truth of it all is that sometimes the ones we love hurt us the most.

6. It bears repeating—you deserved a better goodbye.

7. You deserved a goodbye that was rooted in respect and decency.

8. They should have told you goodbye to your face.

9. They should have given you that much, and I know that knowing that still doesn’t make it sting any less.

10. Just because you didn’t get the goodbye that you deserved doesn’t mean that you are broken.

11. You are not broken.

12. You are worthy of respect.

13. You are worthy of decency.

14. You are lovable.

15. Ghosting is not a reflection of you—it’s the move of a coward, of someone who fears uncomfortable spaces.

16. A coward’s inability to stand in the place of discomfort is not your fault.

17. Lack of closure is something that will bring you discomfort—you’re not abnormal for feeling that way.

18. Let yourself feel the discomfort.

19. Let yourself feel the hurt.

20. Let yourself feel the shock that comes with having someone you love disappear.

21. Let yourself feel it all, but resist the urge to disappear in your feelings and the darkness that can come with heartbreak.

22. Your light is too beautiful to be swallowed by the dark.

23. Sometimes, you have to give yourself closure.

24. Put the fears to rest—write a letter that you’ll never send and let all the things you wish you had the opportunity to say live on paper.

25. Then burn that paper if you want.

26. Your capacity to love is still there.

27. Your ability to love is still there, too.

28. You deserve a beautiful love.

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