20 Things To Finally Quit In 2020

20 Things To Finally Quit In 2020

1. It’s time to stop smoking. There’s no question that it’s terrible for you, so please put the cancer sticks down.

2. Quit leaving all of the lights on in your home at the same time. It wastes energy and money.

3. You don’t need to be drinking soda anymore. It’s just not good for you. Perhaps you could try some Kombucha or sparkling water instead.

4. Stop putting off that yearly checkup, especially if you have health insurance. I know the doctor can be scary, and some people hate it, but taking preventative measures in your health is a good thing. Places like Planned Parenthood and CVS’s Project Health are two ways to get medical help if you don’t have health insurance.

5. Quit reading headlines without reading the whole article online.

6. Quit trying to reason with people in the comments section of anything on the internet.

7. Quit scrolling on your social media feeds before you go to sleep.

8. Quit reaching for your phone the first thing in the morning.

9. Quit keeping your phone on the table when you’re having dinner with loved ones. It isn’t very polite. If you need to be reached, keep the ringer on, and then keep it in your bag or coat pocket. It’s not that hard.

10. In 2020, it’s time to stop letting other people’s opinions of you keep you from your dreams. Should you care if everyone in your life and your circle thinks of you as an asshole? Well, if you care about them, then yes, you probably should get to the bottom of that. But don’t let strangers on the internet or people on the street keep you from living your truth.

11. Quit competing with other humans. Try creating community instead, eh?

12. Quit playing small.

13. Quit telling other people how to play, too.

14. Remember that the second you start to assume you know someone’s intentions, you’re bound for miscommunication or misunderstanding. Quit assuming that you know the intent of another and ask questions instead.

15. Quit trying to do everything by yourself.

16. Quit making hope a strategy. If you want to do something, make a plan. Then take action. But wishing and dreaming and thinking about something won’t make it happen on its own.

17. Quit feeding the trolls.

18. Quit feeding the hate that is out there in this world. Nobody is saying that the world is all rainbows and butterflies and happy things all the time. But there are good people out there, doing good things. Lift them up. Stop amplifying the voices of those who want to pour negativity into the wounds that already exist.

19. Quit saying you don’t have time. Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day; we all use them differently. If you want to feel like you have more time, pour your energy into using that time better.

20. Quit infusing shame into other people’s stories. You’re better than that – so be better than that, too.

I hate styling my hair.

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