34 One-Sentence Things I've Learned From 34 Years Of Life

34 One-Sentence Things I’ve Learned From 34 Years Of Life

1. It’s a gift.

2. Start each day with gratitude – not for the big things, but for the tiny bits of joy that are all around you. I promise they’re there if you stop long enough to pay attention.

3. Embrace your laugh lines – they are souvenirs of beautiful memories.

4. Grey hair is in fashion – you don’t have to dye it if you don’t want to.

5. Always say “yes” to travel – the world has so much for you to discover.

6. Always say “yes” to cozy nights in with your beloved – quiet times on the couch provide a landscape for discovery, too.

7. Remember, it’s ok to say “no” to the things that do not serve you well.

8. Remember that the above does not apply to vegetables – they will always serve you well.

9. Drink more water.

10. Drink more water after that, too.

11. Take your vitamins.

12. Take the time to talk to the ones you love.

13. Take the time to do the things you love to do.

14. Take time, or time will inevitably take you.

15. You mean a lot to people – it’s ok to shower them with love.

16. Remember to never hesitate in showering the ones you love with love, too.

17. If you have curly hair, please don’t wash it every day.

18. It’s ok to invest in a good shampoo, and conditioner, and hair products – even if you don’t have curly hair.

19. It’s ok to invest in a good skincare routine, too.

20. It’s ok to invest in you – however that may look.

21. Looks aren’t everything – but it’s ok to care about your appearance, and that doesn’t make you a bad person.

22. It’s ok to make mistakes.

23. It’s ok to forgive yourself for them, too.

24. Other people will make mistakes – it’s ok to give them the grace that you wish to be given.

25. It’s ok to give – give your heart, give your love, give your attention, and give your time.

26. It’s ok if there are days when you don’t have much to give – you cannot pour from an empty cup, dear friend.

27. Try buying a cup or a mug that makes you happy, and then use it every day for your coffee or tea. It’ll make you smile, I promise.

28. It’s ok not to be happy all the time. You’re a human being with a plethora of emotions – let yourself feel what you need to feel.

29. Find friendships where you can be honest about your plethora of emotions. I promise there are people in your life who want to listen to you.

30. Honesty and vulnerability are essential components of lasting friendships and relationships. Surround yourself with people who require no pretense.

31. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, too.

32. Laughter is a blessing in this life.

33. Count your blessings in this life.

34. You can stay grounded and dream big, too. Life is about balance.