44 One-Sentence Pep Talks To Give Yourself When Doubt Creeps In

44 One-Sentence Pep Talks To Give Yourself When Doubt Creeps In

1. It’s ok to be afraid.

2. It’s ok to be nervous.

3. It’s ok to have hope.

4. It’s ok to be excited.

5. It’s ok to have doubt.

6. My fear doesn’t have to define me.

7. My nerves don’t have to get the best of me.

8. My hope is a beautiful thing.

9. My excitement is a beautiful thing.

10. A healthy dose of doubt is ok – but I don’t have to drown myself in it.

11. Feelings are meant to be felt.

12. My feelings are valid – but that doesn’t mean I can assume the intent of another person.

13. I do not have to act immediately from a place of heightened emotion.

14. It’s ok to take a break.

15. It’s ok to take a minute before I respond.

16. The world is not entitled to constant access to me – no matter what my job is, or what my relationship is, or what my platform looks like.

17. Breathe.

18. Keep breathing.

19. Don’t stop breathing.

20. I am pretty enough.

21. I am smart enough.

22. I don’t have to spend my energy on people who feel as though they are intellectually superior.

23. It’s ok not to know the answer – learning is a constant process.

24. I might fail – but that’s ok.

25. I might succeed – and it’s ok to celebrate my successes.

26. Trying and failing is better than watching from the sidelines.

27. Trying and failing does not make me a failure in life.

28. My life isn’t defined by a singular moment – it’s a series of moments.

29. An inner critic can be healthy – but a cruel critic is unnecessary.

30. I am capable of change.

31. I am capable of growth.

32. I am not the person I was yesterday.

33. I am not meant to be put into a box.

34. I cannot be simplified into a checklist.

35. There is no mold for me – and that is a beautiful thing.

36. I am more than one thing.

37. It’s ok to say “no” to the things that do not fuel my spirit.

38. It’s ok to say “yes” to the things that fuel my spirit.

39. It’s ok to have boundaries – always.

40. I will give myself the grace I give others.

41. I will stop worrying about being perfect – for perfection is a myth.

42. My vulnerability is a superpower.

43. It’s ok to lean on the ones who love and want to help me.

44. I was not made to stay small.