A Reminder That There Is Beauty Waiting In Tomorrow

There is beauty in tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the sun will rise again. If you wake up earlier, you’ll be able to see the glow of the rays paint the morning sky. The red, the orange, the yellow hues – they are the greatest painting. They’ve inspired and healed and challenged people for decades. They can inspire and heal and challenge you, too.

You will get another twenty-four hours tomorrow. That’s one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes that have been untouched by yesterday. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes that have not been written yet. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes to make into your own – one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes that are there for the taking. It’s time to create, to work, to set a new goal, to climb a new hurdle. It’s time to share with your loved ones, it’s time to dig deeper into your own soul. It’s time to stretch your limbs, and let your legs carry you. It’s time to walk, and run, and swim, and breathe. It’s time that you will never get back, either. It’s as much time in the day as Beyonce has, and Oprah, and Reese Witherspoon. It’s a gift – and I hope you treasure it. I hope you see the beauty in it, too.

Tomorrow, the sun will set. Just as there is beauty in the sunrise, there is beauty in the sunset, too. There is a soft glow, there is a sense of peace, there is a feeling of stillness that touches everyone and everywhere – no matter who, or where, you are. Enjoy that stillness. Stand in that peace.

Tomorrow, the moon will shine – and I hope you dance under that moon. I hope you stand in the strength of the moonbeams – I hope you see how the dark isn’t scary. I hope you let night wash over you, and I hope you lay down to rest with the satisfaction of a day well lived. I hope you let yourself step into dreamland, and look forward to whatever tomorrow will bring. Thought Catalog Logo Mark