For When I Get To Hug You Again

For When I Get To Hug You Again

The world feels more than a little bit unstable right now, and honestly I’m not okay. I know that even when you’re not physically with me we’re still connected because you tell me that all the time. But, damn, I definitely miss the comfort that comes with your embrace.

Whenever we’re apart, I walk around with this feeling I can’t seem to shake. It’s like an emptiness inside my chest that I can never really seem to fill. Anytime you wrap your arms around me, though, I suddenly feel full. It doesn’t matter where we connect, be it an embrace out on the sidewalk or some cuddles while we watch TV, it all means the world to me.

I’ve hugged a lot of people throughout my lifetime, but none of them held me quite the way you do. It’s like your arms were always meant for me; I just had to find you. Your arms are like my solace, a sanctuary from the demons in my mind. I don’t know how you do it, but a simple hug from you makes the madness melt away and calms the storm that constantly brews inside.

I’m not sure you even realize how magical your hugs are (although I’m fairly certain you know how much I love them). But honestly? It’s time you knew.

So this is for when I get to hug you again, whether that’s tomorrow or next year:

Thank you for comforting me, protecting me, and keeping me safe and warm. Your arms are my refuge and my home. I can’t think of a better place to rest than wrapped in your embrace.

I know my arms may not always seem as warm and welcoming as yours, but I’ll try my best to keep you safe when they’re around you. I can be your shelter too, and together we can face the world.

The world feels more than a little bit unstable right now, and honestly, I’m barely hanging on. But thinking about all the hugs of our past is keeping me alive. I can’t wait for the moment when I get to hug you again, and I know that I’ll never take your love for granted. If I’m being completely honest, I hope that our next hug can last forever (or at least quite a while) because I never want to let you go.

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