Thank You For The Second Chances I Don’t Deserve

I’ve been a terrible fool, and it’s almost cost me everything… most especially your love. I’ve tried my best to do right by you, but I always seem to come up short. I know I’ve made promises to change my ways and fix my mistakes, and you’ve wondered when I’ll deliver. I’m sorry that I haven’t been what you expected that day that we first met, but I’m incredibly thankful for all the second chances you’ve granted that I never really should even get.

Thanks for your forgiveness and for letting me stay with you. I know forgiving me isn’t always easy, and sometimes it even makes you cringe. Yet time and time again, you hear my sincere apologies and grant me immunity. Thank you for always understanding and seeing me with your kind, generous heart.

Thank you for hanging on and riding the stormy seas. I know that life with me is turbulent and a wild ride at best. Yet you continue to ride the waves with poise and grip tightly to my mangled body so that you can bring me back to shore. Thank you for willingly throwing yourself to the sharks just to be my friend.

Thanks for looking past the flaws and loving me anyway. I know that I’m a pain at times, and my shortcomings are endless. Yet somehow you look past those negatives to find something pure and good. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and welcoming me into your heart.

But most importantly, thank you for the second chances I don’t even deserve. I know the things I’ve done have been unforgivable and downright vile. Yet despite my countless mistakes, you continue to open your doors to me and welcome me into your arms. Thank you for having a beautiful soul and the kindest heart of all.

Writer. Mental Health/Disability Advocate. Mom. Lover of All.

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