10 Great Things About Michigan (By A Non-Michigander)


1. That Midwest hospitality that you so often hear about is at its peak in Michigan. People are really, genuinely friendly everywhere you go – grocery stores, driving, school, you name it!

2. Michigan sees all four seasons and each is beautiful. Yes, its winters are long and harsh, but they’re still beautiful (at least for the first few snowstorms). But the spring brings with it tulip festivals, summer is spent with exceptionally long nights, bonfires and swimming, and its fall rivals New England’s with the gorgeous foliage.

3. People can point out where they live on their hand. I’ve shown people whole maps of Michigan by pointing out various places on my left hand.

4. Michigan hosts one of the greatest college rivalries of all time: Michigan State vs. The University of Michigan. And people’s pride in their chosen school is almost patriotic in nature. (Go Green!)

5. The Great Lakes. While located in the heart of the Midwest, Michigan also has its own wonderful versions of beaches and beach towns. As a friend recently told me, 4 out of 5 Great Lakes prefer Michigan.

6. The Upper Peninsula is essentially an uncharted territory filled with some off the most breathtaking views.

7. Michigan hosts a variety of unique and vibrant cities – Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Detroit, East Lansing, and Ann Arbor just to name a few. While they don’t count as traditional “big cities,” these destinations bring local culture and fun.

8. Bell’s Brewery and Short’s Brewing Company are based in Michigan and they have given us Oberon and Soft Parade, just to name a few of the best beers ever.

9. Visiting Mackinac Island is like taking a step back in time.

10. Michigan oddly enough boasts some unique foods that can’t be found anywhere else – pasties, Better Made potato chips, Vernor’s, Traverse City Cherries and Mackinac Island fudge are like delicacies in the Mitten State. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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