32 One-Sentence Reminders For Girls Who’ve Had Their Hearts Broken

1. Don’t pass judgment on people you meet in the present because of your past.

2. Try to believe that things happen for a reason, not necessarily in a religious sense, but in the sense that everything that has happened to you has helped shape the woman you are right now.

3. Know that people often blame you for things that aren’t actually your fault, because it’s easier for them to express anger than to tell the truth.

4. You’re allowed to love more than one person in your life.

5. And you’re allowed to have more than one soulmate in your life.

6. It’s okay to be wary that certain characteristics won’t be compatible for you, but don’t let yourself project the faults of your ex onto another person.

7. Do not be disheartened if you still feel the hurt of your last relationship – it doesn’t mean you’re not over it, it just means you feel things deeply.

8. You need to go into your next relationship willing to talk about your past, because you want to find someone who will understand and support you, and immediately see how you deserve to be treated.

9. But you don’t need to lead with talking about your past, and you don’t need to force those conversations; let them happen organically.

10. You don’t have to be strong in front of someone new at every moment – if they’re going to get to know the real you, they need to see how you feel things and act on a regular basis.

11. There are few things more strengthening and empowering than having experienced love before – even if you feel like you’ve lost that love, remember that it also shapes your ability to give so much to a new relationship.

12. You don’t need to find someone new right away after a break up – in fact, there is no time constraint on meeting someone new.

13. Getting into a relationship isn’t a competition; don’t get bogged down with whether your friends are pairing off with good people before you or after you.

14. An unfortunate reality is that there will be times when you think your past heartbreak is baggage that weighs you down when you’re getting involved in something new.

15. However, even if it slows you down, if you’re listening to those emotions, it means you’re moving at your own pace, and ultimately making the right choices for your stability.

16. Remember that you’ve already learned one very valuable truth: heartbreak isn’t forever and you have the power to grow and get over it.

17. Experiencing heartbreak – even though it makes you feel like you were dealt an unfair hand – doesn’t ever mean you should give up hope.

18. And having hope means believing that a better, more compatible love is out there for you – maybe more than one.

19. Being on your own is a perfect time to get more in touch with your own feelings, work on yourself, and improve your own life.

20. The best way to get through something is to let yourself experience it, and that’s what you did when you were hurt, and it’s made you stronger than you realize.

21. There is no such thing as giving out too much positive energy and too much love, so don’t tame the part of you that wants to be open to people.

22. But at the same time, know when you need to protect yourself and give yourself time and proceed with caution.

23. You are deserving of love, and it doesn’t have to come with a “catch.”

24. Getting your heart broken is not always a reflection on you, the other person, or the relationship.

25. Often heartbreak is a result of timing gone wrong and things not matching up, but that is not going to happen every time you’re interested in someone.

26. Don’t break your own heart any further by focusing on unsolvable problems from past relationships.

27. Taking care of your mind and body needs to be your first priority, always.

28. Even though you need to let yourself experience heartbreak, it shouldn’t become your only reality after a relationship.

29. A second love or third love or fifth love does not somehow hold a less valuable spot than your first love.

30. Going through a break up sucks, but learning that you can make it through emotionally trying and painful situations will build your confidence and bring you strength.

31. Start realizing that there are so many things about you that draw people to you – there’s nothing wrong with being the one chasing, but you don’t have to fill that role if you don’t want to.

32. At some point, you will be grateful that your past relationship didn’t work out, because it will have made way for an even better one and taught you so many things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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