Small Mantras For 30-Somethings

31 Real 30-Somethings On The Small Mantras They Try To Live By

1. “Log off. I’ve learned that getting off my phone and computer is the best thing I can do for my sanity.” – Jenna B.

2. “Less is more. During my late 20s and early 30s, I realized I had way too much stuff, and I figured out that I’m way less anxious without it all.” – Ava G.

3. “I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be treated with respect. I deserve to be surrounded by people who actually care about me.” – Briana L.

4. “I am in control of my own life, and no one else’s opinions affect my behavior or decisions.” – Darren P.

5. “I want nothing more than to make my own path. I don’t want favors; I don’t want to be bound to other people, or ‘owe anyone.’ I want to be fully independent.” – Lou W.

6. “Don’t take life too seriously.” – Jake B.

7. “I love the one that’s ‘everything in moderation, including moderation.'” – Leora D.

8. “It’s just work. It isn’t the end of the world.” – Del C.

9. “Be more present. Always try to be more present, to listen when people are speaking, to absorb what they’re saying, and to give them your undivided attention.” – Meg D.

10. “You can’t hide behind your words. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not for your entire life. You can honestly get away with that shit in your 20s, but at some point, you need to own up to who you really are.” – Jennifer I.

11. “Give yourself more credit. Don’t ever under value yourself.” – Eric H.

12. “All your peers will move at different paces. People grow up at different times, and hit milestones at different ages.” – Noah W.

13. “Consume the media you actually want to, because you find it valuable. Leave the white noise behind.” – Alix T.

14. “There isn’t any reason to feel inferior to shitty people.” – Tom K.

15. “Always take the stairs.” – James W.

16. “Sleep is more important than you think. When you feel like shit, and can’t remember why, think about how much sleep you’ve gotten. Chances are, you’re over tired.” – Emma A.

17. “It is no longer acceptable to act like a child. If I could go back to my 20s, I’d make myself be independent so much sooner. I always remind myself to be an ADULT.” – Cerie F.

18. “Give yourself permission to do you.” – Ella T.

19. “It’s almost never worth it to ‘innocently’ break the law. Open containers? Not worth it. Speeding? Not worth it.” – Daniel N.

20. “I think I’ve learned that worrying about what other people think takes it too much time, and is almost never fruitful.” – Ana A.

21. “Take your time. I will always try to slow myself down, so I don’t miss a part of life I truly want to enjoy.” – Lee S.

22. “Be more selfish.” – Katie A.

23. “There will always be hard, down times in your life, but at every juncture, it’s crucial to find hope.” – Jamie N.

24. “Self-improvement isn’t a milestone that you hit at one point or another, it’s something you continue working at every day.” – Mia S.

25. “I need to do things for me, and that’s okay. I used to guilt myself every time I put myself before someone else, but I’m done with that.” – Toby A.

26. “Drink more water.” – Summer C.

27. “Be purposeful: with your money, with your friendships, with your relationships, with your work, with your time.” – Isabella M.

“Spend time with your parents. Family first.” – Karen J.

29. “You can choose to feel let down by people, or you can choose to grow from each personal experience, even the ones that honestly blow.” – Jeff S.

30. “Choose someone who wants to be with you – the real you, not some stilted version of yourself.” – Liz K.

31. “I am open to new things, new people, and new experiences. I will not limit myself.” – Alicia V. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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