16 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Is Left-Brain Dominant


1. They need time to solve problems as they arise. They aren’t going to have an impulsive, emotional reaction to anything; instead, they are going to need to take a step back and think about things as they stand.

2. They love to plan, so get on board. They don’t want a spontaneous date night as much as they want to know exactly what the date schedule is. And if you don’t want to make the plans, let them take it away.

3. They are analyzing every text you send them.

4. And overthinking the response they send back. Sorry. It’s just a fact.

5. They are very aware of their surroundings, and are picking up on a lot of details from the moment they meet you. They really take it all in, and are the type of people who will remember what you ate on your first date, even when you’re celebrating your seven-year anniversary.

6. They like specifics. When you’re planning on meeting their friends for the first time, they’re the type to give you tons of details on who you’re meeting, and give a super-particular map of their friend group. They won’t ever let you walk into a situation blind.

7. Lazy Sundays… aren’t really a thing for them. I mean, they might like to sleep in, but they probably won’t just stay in all day. They’ll plan something for you guys to do together.

8. They gauge how things are going based off the words coming out of your mouth more than what you do with your body. They aren’t going to be the ones thinking about whether or not you put your arm around them, or crossed your legs toward them or away from them. They’d rather focus on what you’re actually saying, and take it in thoughtfully.

9. They are direct and straightforward when expressing themselves. They don’t want to beat around the bush or shy away from what’s really going on. They want to talk through the situation, resolve it, and move on. They approach things methodically, and don’t want to be irrational.

10. They aren’t overly idealistic; they’re probably not planning out your future after a few dates, because they aren’t people who jump right to the big picture. They’re focused on each step of the journey.

11. They know a lot about the randomest things, and they’ll spew all this information to you over drinks, and will get way too excited about obscure facts. Get into it. Knowledge is sexy.

12. They don’t want to have a huge blow-out fight, and they won’t necessarily seek out confrontation with you. But they will want a resolution, and they will want to talk through it in the most logical way possible.

13. Their memory will impress you, and it will crack you up, just because they’ll be able to recall details that won’t even register with you.

14. When they respond to whatever you’re saying, you’ll see how much they truly care. Responding, and giving a meaningful, in-depth answer comes naturally to them, and it will also be their way of showing you how invested they really are.

15. They love to write, even if they’re not very public about it, because it’s natural for them to translate their feelings into words. So, if you get a handwritten note from them, or an email, a letter, or anything, that’s a good sign. And it will probably be edited, spell checked, and typo-free.

16. They want to hear all of your thoughts and ideas, and then help you expand on them. They’re curious, and they want to give you time to express yourself and share things with them. They are so content when helping you, and have great, well-constructed ideas that they hope you’ll find useful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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