50 Tiny Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ Without Ever Speaking Those Words


1. Bringing your mom a cup of tea in the evening. You don’t have to say “I love you” in a romantic way, you also want to show your family how much you love them.

2. Holding someone for an extra second longer when you hug them.

3. Wake your S.O. up with a kiss on the forehead.

4. Clean your roommate’s dishes and don’t take a victory lap by reminding them you did their chore.

5. Wake up five minutes earlier than your partner and put the coffee pot on and frozen waffles in the toaster.

6. Reach for someone’s hand when they don’t expect it just to give them a reassuring squeeze.

7. Tell someone that you’re there for them no matter what, and really mean it.

8. Get your S.O. the brand of cookies they like, or a treat that you’ve never cared for but they always want to buy.

9. Check in with one of your friends before a big work event or milestone and wish them good luck.

10. Take your parents out for coffee, even if they can afford it more than you can, just to show you care.

11. Ask someone you love how their day is going, not because you need a favor, or need a distraction, or want to tell them about your day, but just because you’re curious.

12. Tell your parents that you know how much they’ve done for you and want to thank them for all the times you should’ve thanked them but didn’t.

13. Remind your best friend(s) of how you guys met.

14. Share the blanket on a really cold night while watching a movie, even though you kind of want it all to yourself.

15. Don’t hold it against your friend when something tiny, stupid, and insignificant comes between you two. Tell him or her that you know your friendship is stronger than unimportant mini-fights.

16. Ask your S.O. what their absolute favorite meal is and then surprise them with it on a day that you know has been hard for them.

17. Laugh at your grandparents’ jokes.

18. Call and catch up with your extended family just to let them to know that you’re thinking of them and can’t wait to see them at the next reunion/holiday/family event.

19. Text your parents to tell them about how you implemented a life lesson they gave you.

20. Compromise, whether it’s with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your spouse, a family member, or a close friend.

21. Wear your S.O.’s clothes to bed.

22. Ask your friend or a group of friends if they want to go on a trip for the weekend without any boyfriends or girlfriends present.

23. Ask your partner if they’d like to dance with you, even if it’s just in your kitchen and there’s no music.

24. The next time you’re at your family home, make time to spend with JUST your younger siblings and no one else. Spend some quality one-on-one time without any other family members.

25. Draw a fancy-ass bath for your boyfriend or girlfriend, complete with candles, a bath bomb, and wine. Some things are cliché for a reason.

26. Write your college friends who live far away letters.

27. If you’re just starting to date someone but you really see it going somewhere, don’t be shy about verbalizing how much you value your time with them.

28. Ask your friends for advice when you need it, and actually consider it because you value their friendship, instead of brushing the advice off because you think they can’t relate.

29. Put your phone away at the dinner table with your parents.

30. Do the one chore you’ve been promising your roommate you would do for literal months.

31. Give someone you love a back massage after a super-stressful day.

32. Tell people around the person you love that it’s their birthday if they’re too shy to say it themselves. You might as well get some free cake.

33. Treat them — your friend, S.O., coworker, family member, roommate, or whoever — to a drink or dinner “just cause.”

34. When someone you love is going through a really rough time, talk their problem all the way through with them, start to finish, without ever mentioning yourself.

35. Tell them how much you truly value their opinion, because you might think it’s assumed, but it isn’t.

36. When you have the opportunity to be a positive reenforcement to them, take advantage of that, and really make a point to boost their spirits, because you know that’s what they’d do for you.

37. Take the extra time to tell your significant other that they look great today, whether it’s because they dressed up, or are wearing the shirt you love them in, or just because you really do find them beautiful and it’s been a while since you said so.

38. When they ask you to remind them of something — anything, really — make sure to actually follow through.

39. Make someone you love a home-cooked meal when they’re feeling down or unhappy about something in their life. The people you love deserve the comfort of a dinner meal in.

40. Show your significant other the first picture you took together, and tell them how much it means to you.

41. Ask someone in your family for their signature recipe, and tell them it’s because you want to pass it down to your children, and your children’s children.

42. Take an “offline day” with your significant other where you totally ignore texts, calls, work emails, and notifications of any kind. Just be in each other’s presence with absolutely no distractions, and enjoy it.

43. Drop the rent check off so whoever you live with doesn’t get stuck with the job.

44. Ask someone you love about their family traditions, because you’d honestly be so surprised that you don’t know what some of your best friends do on holidays, etc. If they live far away from their family, offer to recreate one of their traditions with them.

45. Tell your significant other five specific reasons you’re crazy about them.

46. Buy flowers for your home just to show whoever you live with that you care about livening up your shared space on a random day of the week.

47. If you’re the friend who never reaches out, or initiates plans, ask one of your closest friends on a lady date/man date.

48. Take someone you love to an animal shelter. Let the puppies say, “love you!” for you, because they definitely will.

49. Leave a sweet note on the coffee pot, in the fridge, or on the egg carton for your significant other to find when you leave the house early for work.

50. Tell your friends not to settle. They deserve to hear it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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