15 Women On What A Guy Needs To Do To Make A Great First Impression



“Personally, I find it sexy when a guy approaches me without trying to play any games. I can’t stand when a man says, like, ‘hey, didn’t we have a class together?’ or tries to play it off like we know each other, or we have some connection. No. Not interested in your made-up stories. Just come up to me, and introduce yourself, but don’t beat around the bush.”

— Kylie


“A guy who can dress himself and has proper hygiene is one that makes a good impression, and that’s so depressing, because I can’t believe my standards are ‘does he understand basic self-care principles and brush his teeth?’ But that’s what it’s come to. Sigh.”

— Melanie


“I love a guy in a button-down shirt. That’s a really easy way to make a good first impression with me.”

— Gemma


“I love when a man comes across as confident, without being boastful. In my opinion, being arrogant is one of the worst first impressions you can make. However, I wish more guys would realize you can be confident, and own the fact that you’re smart, well-traveled, or whatever WITHOUT coming across as a pompous douchebag.”

— Han Yee


“If I meet a guy out at a bar, and he asks me back to their place, I’m not interested. But if they ask me for my number, I am. I’ve started eliminating guys based on how they move forward, and how quickly they take action, and I much prefer that when I first meet a guy, they move slowly.”

— Erica


“I want him to make me laugh the first time I meet him. And I don’t mean I want to be treated to a standup comedy show the first time I meet someone, but I need to know that you have a sense of humor, because I know that’s something I find really attractive.”

— Mollie


“Truly, I don’t think there is anything that can make a textbook good first impression, because I really do think it’s all about chemistry. It’s not just about whether you’re cute, or funny, or well-dressed, it’s about whether we click, and we have any sort of sexual tension, or not.”

— Sasha


“I love to see that a man is athletic. Honestly, the men that have left the best first impressions on me are ones I’ve met at the gym. It’s sexy to me when a man works out and takes care of his body.”

— Colleen


“I’ll tell you the story of the best first impression a guy made on me the other day. He walked up to me at a networking event when I was so clearly standing in the corner because I didn’t know anyone and was too uncomfortable to meet people. And he just gave me someone to stand next to and talk to, so I didn’t feel so out of place. Eventually, we hit it off, and even tried to play professional wing man for each other while meeting other people. He didn’t have an ulterior motive, he was just genuinely kind and made me feel so at ease.”

— Chloe


“I don’t want fake compliments, but I do think that a man who flatters me slightly makes a good first impression. Dating in a major city is hard AF, and I want to be made to feel like someone appreciates what I’m saying, or how I look, or be impressed when I tell them what I do for a living. When someone makes me feel really great about myself, that’s a really good first impression for me.”

— Kat


“The best first impression any guy can make is to actually LISTEN AND RESPOND TO WHAT I’M SAYING. It. Is. Not. That. Hard.”



“Coming off as positive during our first conversation is so important. A lot of men think like casual negativity is part of their schtick, and it’s funny. It’s not. It just shows me that you have a very negative outlook, and that means you’re not really someone I wanna spend time around.”

— Taz


“I am all about the non-verbal parts of a first impression. I like when a guy leans into talk to me (if it’s loud) and puts a hand on my back. I don’t like it when they’re manspreading into a chair, or even if they’re reclining into a chair or leaning away from me, because that makes me feel like they’re either overly chill, or just not interested. Or stoned. Just a gentle touch on my arm or my hand makes me feel like we’re not distant, but instead are establishing some sort of connection, and even if it’s just a ‘friends’ thing, it’s still nice.”

— Trish


“When he really facilitates conversation, that makes a good first impression. I hate when someone can’t actually make conversation, because then it just makes me feel like they don’t want to be talking to me. When someone meets me, and is actually engaging, ask questions, and has things to say beyond just ‘you like gin and tonic? I like gin and tonic!’ I find that really refreshing.”

— Jamie


“I think men who come to happy hour or a restaurant fairly dressed up, as if they just came from work. A guy in a suit makes a good first impression (though then they start talking, and it’s typically down hill from there).”

— Keisha Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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