12 Weird Things A Best Friend Will Never Judge You For


1. Listening to that one song on repeat for 24 hours straight. They’ll find it for you on Spotify, and reassure that it’s totally not weird that you reallllllllly like a Ludacris song from 11 years ago, because they genuinely support you as a person. And are willing to let the good in with the bad in with the retro LUDA.

2. Needing to be alone. Just because you’re incredibly close to someone doesn’t mean you don’t need to reenergize on your own. A best friend is happy to give you space when you need it, and doesn’t ask for anything afterward (except for that you extend the same courtesy to them when they need space).

3. Having a backslide with an ex. They know it’s not their job to be judgmental, it’s their job to be there for you to talk about it. Even if they don’t love your ex, and they don’t think the ex is good for you, they understand that support is always more helpful than being unnecessarily harsh.

4. Your drunk snack preferences. They know what you say you like to people (something normal, like buffalo chicken pizza), and what you actually like to eat when drunk. Which, let’s be real, is some sort of weird concoction that involves melted cheese, canned beans and pita bread.

5. For that extra glass of wine. Best friends don’t need to drink the same amount, or be on the same intoxication level, but there needs to be a mutual ~judgement free~ zone in regards to alcohol. A best friend doesn’t adopt a holier-than-thou complex when you drink too much. They’re either right there with you, or are making sure you get home safely.

6. Needing to discuss family drama, or whatever’s going on at home. As we get older, we share less and less of our family life with our close friends, just because it feels like breaching uncomfortable territory that’s almost taboo to bring up. It’s never taboo with a best friend, though. Instead, they’ll let you talk through what’s going on, and even if they don’t have any advice, you’ll be glad they listened.

7. For caring for someone even though you know you shouldn’t care about them. You cannot help who you have feelings for, or when those feelings arise. Admittedly, it’s your friends responsibility to try to keep you safe and out of trouble, but they also aren’t going to make you feel guilty for your choices.

8. Spending too much on something, or being overly frugal. Your money, your business. Of course, if you’re a binge shopper, they can express concern, and talk these things through with you. But they never want you to feel like you can’t tell them something— even if that “something” is that you spent $250 on shoes. And especially if that something is that you can’t afford yet another meal out.

9. Telling a white lie to other people that they can see right through. They won’t give you away, but they will feel superior to everyone else in the room.

10. Needing their support, or even just needing a hug at the end of a long week. If you and your best friend haven’t decided who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon, you’re just not doing it right.

11. Your trashy television preferences. (I have watched exactly one episode of The Bachelor and it just happened to be the episode where Ben H got voted off, so I really can’t help that I’m still thinking about him and only a true friend would read this and RESPECT ME FOR IT. Or, at the very least, not friend-dump me for it.)

12. Any weird sex dreams you casually mention via text at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. (Re: The Bachelor, Bcc: Ben H.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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