16 Small Gestures Women Make When They Care About You But Don’t Want A Relationship


1. She doesn’t want to have a never ending text conversation just to make the claim that you’re “talking.” However, if you went to her with a problem, or important news, she’d make time for you.

2. It may be obvious that she doesn’t want you to spend the night, but she wants you to spend more time at her place than just an hour in her bedroom. There’s usually a prelude – drinks or a meal – and the conversation goes beyond obligatory small talk.

3. She’s open about not wanting a relationship by letting you know what her out is. She’ll let you know if she’s moving, if she just got out of a serious relationship, or if she’s too busy at work to foster a full-fledged relationship.

4. She’ll meet up with you in public, maybe even introduce you to a few friends, but never as a boyfriend. Don’t read too much into it, or take her politeness to mean more than it does.

5. When you’re over, she’ll consider you a friend, as opposed to someone she used to hook up with.

6. She’ll explain herself when she can’t make it over to your house, but wants you to understand that it’s a courtesy. She isn’t obligated to tell you where she is, nor does she want you to commit her schedule to memory.

7. She will make you feel like there’s a next time after you spend time together. She won’t leave you feeling like everytime might be the last.

8. If it is the last, she’ll tell you, just like you should tell her if you’re hesitant to continue. She would rather be 100% straight with you, and tell you if she met someone else and wanted to get more serious with them, rather than giving you a made up excuse.

9. She’ll let you pamper her, and vice versa, but won’t encourage going on couples’ adventures together. You can make her eggs in the morning, or grab some wine on your way over, but she doesn’t want to have a candlelight picnic in the park with you.

10. If you do make some grand gesture, she’ll let you know when it’s too much, and will always try to salvage your feelings by showing appreciation.

11. If you’re clearly pushing for it, she will go on a ceremonial date with you, because she cares about you enough to try it once and entertain the idea long enough to give you a chance.

12. She won’t shy from intimacies in bed that some would say are reserved for couples. She’s not going to avoid making eye contact, or pull her hand away from yours, but that moment is an isolated experience, not a commitment.

13. If she can’t be in a relationship because she’s leaving, she won’t insist on closing the door on you completely. But she’s not holding out for you, and it’s going to make her uncomfortable if you’re waiting for her.

14. She wants to hear about your family, friends and what’s going on in your life, but doesn’t need to meet the key players.

15. She’ll try new things with you in bed, and will be down for at least a little experimentation. If she’s categorized your relationship as mostly physical, she’s going to want to get some remote location, specific position mileage out of your arrangement.

16. If she is the one that pushes for not telling people, she might make it worth your while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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