40 Ways To Tell Someone To F*ck Off In A Different Language

Knowing how to curse someone out in a different language is maybe not the most necessary skill in the world, but it’s not the least. My family speaks Hindi and sometime after I learned how to ask for a cup of water, I insisted they teach me how to swear. It was pretty enlightening. If you’re going to learn the basics of a new language, profanity should always be included.

This list is courtesy of these wonderfully foul-mouthed sites, as well as people from all over the world who were a little too excited to teach me to curse in their language. The non-Latin script is not included because this list is offensive enough without it becoming apparent that my mastery of a modern keyboard isn’t good enough to type Chinese characters. My bad.

Half of these phrases really do mean fuck off, and the other half are a compilation of other useful curse words. This is partially because fuck off doesn’t translate in every language, and partially because I can only type the word fuck so many times before I rethink every conversation I’ve ever had and doubt my life choices.

NSFW. Unless you work in Hollywood, a 50s ad agency, or in an office where it’s appropriate to call someone a son of a fucking cocksucker.


1. Kon da ti go natrese
Means: Get fucked by a horse
Used as: Fuck off


2. Puk gai
Literally means: Pave the road with your shit-worthless body


3. Klootzak
Means: Testicles
Used as: Asshole


4. Mrdat, prcat
Used as: Fuck off (but slightly more offensive)


5. Hindot ka
Used as: Fuck you


6. Ferme ta gueule
Used as: Shut the fuck up

7. Trou de cul
Means: Asshole

8. Putain de merde
Used as: Holy shit/ What the fuck

9. Putain
Means: Whore
Used as: Dammit (annoyed exclamation)


10. Hau ab
Used as: Fuck off

11. Mutterficker
Means: Motherfucker

12. Scheisse
Means: Shit

13. Fick dich
Means: Fuck you


14. Ade gamisou
Used as: Go fuck yourself

15. As to thialo
Used as: Go to hell


16. Khapes mi yena’ane’a otkha
Means: Find someone to shake you
Used as: Fuck off


17. Uloo Ka Pathe
Means: Son of an owl
Used as: Son of a bitch

18. Kutte ka aulad
Used as: Son of a bitch

19. Matharchod
Used as: Motherfucker

20. Rundi
Means: Hooker


21. A macska rugjion meg
Means: May the cat kick you
Used as: Fuck you

22. Lofasz a seggedbe
Means: A horse dick in your ass
Used as: Fuck you


23. Cazzo
Used as: Dick

24. No me interesso un cazzo
Used as: I don’t give a damn

25. Vaffanculo
Used as: Fuck you

26. Vafonapoli
Means: Probably not a real word. (CC: Joey Tribiani and the cast of Friends)
Used as: Fuck off


27. Urusai Gakai
Used as: Shut up


28. Thraat paaye
Means: May lightning strike you
Used as: Fuck off

29. Kohn Chuuke
Means: Are you blind?
Used as: You’re kind of a bitch


30. Irrumator
Means: Bastard

31. Filius canis
Means: Son of a dog
Used as: Son of a bitch

32. Bovis stercus
Means: Bullshit

33. Stercus accidit
Means: Shit happens

34. Potes meos suaviari clunes
Means: Kiss my ass


35. Tsao Ni Zhu Zhong Shi Ba Dai
Means: Fuck all your family for generations past


36. Vai te fuder
Means: Go fuck yourself


37. Mierda
Means: Shit

38. Pendejo
Means: Pubic hair
Used as: Fuck/shit

39. Puta
Means: Whore


40. Putz
Means: The opposite of mensch? Yiddish is a pretty peaceful language
Used as: Dickhead Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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