31 Truths To Live Your Life By

1. Life is a perspective. So if you don’t like your life, change the pair of glasses that you’re seeing it all through.

2. Cherish the “now”. Look to the future, but know that the present moment is all that we truly experience.

3. Happiness is not constant feeling. But it is however, a constant state of well-being.

4. Insecurity does not mean weakness. Rather, insecurity is just about being human and accepting your imperfections as a glorious part of you.

5. Choose to be happy now. Otherwise, no matter what you have in life you’ll never be happy.

6. Don’t take life too seriously. None of us get out alive anyway.

7. Live your life as your own. Not by the judgment of others alone.

8. Learn from your past. We all make mistakes, but learning from them makes all the difference.

9. Don’t take anything too personally. People are only acting in the best way that they know how.

10. Enjoy the little things. Because before you know it, the little things will be all that really mattered in the end.

11) Enjoy the simple things. Because those are the things that make life worth living for.

12. Let go of control. Otherwise, your life will be a constant and obsessive need to get somewhere that you’re not.

13. Where there is light, there is also dark. But the darkness, helps you appreciate and be grateful for the light.

14. Everything serves a purpose. Even if it doesn’t quite seem like it at the time.

15. Choose quality over quantity. Whether it comes to the people in your life, or for your goals in life.

16. Always take responsibility for your actions. Because at the end of the day, you are the one making the decisions.

17. Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. Because actions are rooted from our deepest choices and beliefs.

18. Have fun, but also work hard when it matters. Life is all about balance and isn’t about working all the time, or never having fun.

19. Slow down. Appreciate what’s right in front of you, as it will all be gone in just one fleeting moment.

20. Find your breath. When you’re anxious or stressed, your breath is your best friend.

21. Be real, not nice. Because being real comes from a place of kindness and compassion, as opposed to a neediness for something or someone.

22. Drink your favorite coffee. Even if it’s expensive, treat yourself whenever you can.

23. Pick up that passion you always wanted to do. Because life is too short, not to dream.

24. You don’t have to have your whole life figured out. Because who does anyway?

25. You’re never alone, even if it feels like you are. All it takes is one text message, one call or one-night time drive around the neighborhood.

26. Find reasons to be happy. Because you have so much to be grateful for, even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

27. If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be yours. Whether it’s a person or an opportunity, life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you may need.

28. Heartbreak doesn’t mean you are broken. It just means you haven’t met the right one yet.

29. Be a good dog owner. Because your dog is always the happiest one to see you.

30. Trust your journey. But most of all, enjoy it because it goes by so fast.

31. Live with no regrets. Because at the end of the day, we are all just doing the best that we can.

About the author

Matt Wilks

A passionate Storyteller