I Am No Longer Going To Let Fear Keep Me From A Deeper Faith

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Taylor Bryant

Sometimes there’s so much to be afraid of—the future, the unknown, people’s reactions, change, death, pain—and when I allow my mind to circle around these negative things, I get caught up. Where I used to feel confident and proud, I start getting confused. I start forgetting who I am, what power I have in my own decision making, who my Father is. I lose sight of where I’m going, the places I’ve been. I allow what I have no control of to shape my path, instead of listening to the truth of my God’s love and perfect plan in my life.

But constantly living in fear is not really living.

And so I am no longer going to let what I’m scared of control me. I am no longer going to be guided by everything that makes my heart flutter, my hands sweat; instead, I’m going to rest in the promise of my Lord. Because when in Him, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

There is so much in this life that I don’t know or understand, so much pain I will encounter that doesn’t have a reason, so many questions I will have that don’t have answers I can immediately recognize. But if I walk through my days living in fear of the unknown, in fear of what’s to come, in fear of every step—I will miss out on the beauty the light, the brilliance, the blessings, the challenges, the lessons, the wonder that God has in store for me.

When I focus so much on what scares me, rather than how my God will guide me, I keep myself from really experiencing happiness, joy, and peace.

And I’d rather live a life that embraces the unknown and stands tall in the face of fear than shrinks back. Because in having a relationship with God and believing His son died for me gives me the strength to face anything that comes into my path.

I am no longer going to live my days with my head in my hands, with my shoulders slumped, with my faith shaken at every turn and twist. Instead of being guided by my timid spirit, avoiding anything that challenges me, I’m going to be brave. I’m going to step forward in faith, with confidence, with hope that whatever I face I won’t have to face alone.

Because with God in my heart, I won’t.

I am no longer going to wonder ‘what if?’ Instead, I’m going to trust that my Father has a bigger plan for me, one that I may not fully understand or agree with, but will lead me to places far better than where I am right now.

I am going to trust Him in the challenges, in the moments that hurt, in wake of pain and doubt and exhaustion, because I know that this life was not promised to be easy, but I was promised a love beyond all things of this earth. And I will cling to that love, even as my world falls apart.

I am no longer going to let others’ words and doubts cloud my own mind. I am going to believe because God’s truth is what I feel in my bones. Because nothing of this world can shake a foundation He built. Because I know He is the way, the truth, and the life.

I am no longer going to let people tell me who and what to believe, or to lose my way when I face a hardship. I am no longer going to let my nervousness for the future change where I am right now. And I am no longer going to live like I’m a fragile leaf, ready to shake and fall in the wind.

I am going to let God guide me, teach me, break me, rebuild me.

I am going to let my faith be bigger than my fear and stand with my arms outstretched to the sky—fearless, free, and following the truth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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