29 Single-Sentence Breakup Quotes To Help You Finally Get Over Him

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1. One day you won’t ache at the mention of his name.

2. You are always whole, always complete, and never lacking on your own.

3. You are stronger today than you were yesterday, and each day you’re only gaining and growing and becoming more of your true self.

4. No matter how heavy you feel, this pain won’t last forever.

5. Sometimes people fall apart; this is simply encouragement that better connections are coming your way.

6. You are not alone in your feelings, and you will not always feel so broken and guarded.

7. Moving on is not linear nor a quick process, but you will find your footing and reclaim your heart again.

8. In time, this will all be a memory, and you will look back and smile with confidence.

9. Perhaps the two of you weren’t meant to be and that’s okay—the person who is right for you is somewhere out there.

10. You may feel like you’re ‘missing something,’ like there’s this person-sized hole in your chest—but this pain is actually a blessing, leading you to where you’re supposed to be.

11. You are far more resilient than you think.

12. Love is simply within you—you don’t have to seek it in another person.

13. Pain, though debilitating, does not have to end you.

14. There is great magnitude in your spirit, and strength within your skin.

15. Being single is actually more fun than you think.

16. The ache in your chest is a guide pushing you forward, pushing you down a different road, a better road, the road you’re meant to be on.

17. You are not defined by your relationship, your lover, or your connection to someone else.

18. You are not defined by your heartbreak.

19. Only you can define yourself—and you are a strong, and loving woman—not a heartbroken woman.

20. From this point forward, you are starting new, no longer a victim to your past.

22. You are not unlovable.

23. You are so many wonderful pieces and emotions and intricacies and hopes yet to come.

24. He is not your everything; from this heartache, you will rise.

25. Just because you haven’t found your person yet doesn’t mean you won’t.

26. You will be okay.

27. Letting him go will allow you to bloom, to find yourself again and be whomever you choose.

28. All you need is one step—one step at a time until you no longer feel the same way you once did.

29. You are not empty without love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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