Remember: Tomorrow Is New

Dimitri Tyan

Sometimes life will kick the sh*t out of you. You’ll be walking along, feeling just fine, and BAM. Everything will fall apart. Your friends will be angry with you. Your significant other will pick a fight with you. You’ll fail at something. You’ll feel lost. You’ll be hurt, or watch someone you love face pain. You’ll be lonely. You’ll hate everything and everyone.

Life is a mess sometimes. It doesn’t fit a pattern, doesn’t follow a straight line, doesn’t really make sense at all. And whether you’re struggling with something huge, or just fighting one of those off-days, I hope you remember this: Tomorrow is new.

Today might have gotten the best of you. Today might have made you believe a little less in yourself, or question your faith. Today might have left you bruised and battered, defeated and tired. Today might have been utter chaos, rocking the very ground you’re standing on.

But today is only twenty-four hours. And if you’re continuing forward, one breath, slow step at a time, you’re already on your way.

Today might have left you at a loss. But today is not permanent. Today is not forever. Today does not define your tomorrows, and soon it will cease to be anything more than a yesterday, a blink – here then gone.

Life will throw so much at you—relationships, loss, conflict, death, sickness, pain, fear, frustration—but what matters is how you continue, even when you’re barely crawling forward, inch by inch, dragging your knees. What matters is how you decide to not let what has broken you keep you broken permanently.

What matters is the next breath, the next smile, the hope you have for what’s to come.

Life is made of a continuous string of todays—some wonderful, some downright terrible—but they pass. They make their mark. They write their story. They impact you, teach you, heal you, break you, grow you.

And then they leave.

So please, promise to be stronger than your yesterdays, and hopeful for your tomorrows. Today is here, and today hurts. But today will soon be done and gone.

Tomorrow is a new day, a chance to begin to become better than you were before. Tomorrow is an opportunity to let go, to forgive yourself, to heal, to move forward.

Tomorrow is a clean slate, a fresh start.
Tomorrow is new, beckoning you with open arms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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