This Is What Your Favorite Childhood Network Says About The Type Of Kid You Were



You were a wild child, identifying most with the characters in the Rugrats, Wild Thornberrys, or Hey Arnold. You were the adventurous friend in your backyard gang, often starting quests for hidden treasures or challenging the big kids to monkey bar and slide races. You loved anything gooey or slimey, used the phrases ‘as if’ and ‘boo ya!’ quite frequently, and probably owned one of the following: rollerblades, skateboard, or Razor scooter.

Cartoon Network:

You were the mild-mannered, classic kiddo—you ate snacks right after school, read comic books, watched TV at the same time every afternoon—you liked predictability. And animal animation. But underneath your tucked in t-shirts, you were a total goofball. You probably collected and traded Pokémon cards or plush Powder Puff Girls (and acted out their superpowers). And you owned at least one Animaniacs CD. Your all-time favorite show was Tom & Jerry, but you were always partial to Tweety Bird. And even though you’ll never admit it, you still occasionally hum the Loony Tunes theme song.

Disney Channel:

You were a realist. You liked Lizzie McGuire, Phil of the Future, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. But you had a major scardey-cat side: growing up was scary and the opposite sex definitely had cooties. When you had friend play-dates, you always wanted to play house, high school, or make lemonade stands. You were practical, dependable, and a complete pushover. But when you were alone, you totally pretended you were Kim Possible, shooting bad guys and saving the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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