The Summer I Turned Pretty

What Your Favorite ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Boy Says About You

Conrad Fisher

If you think Conrad is the one for Belly (or yourself), then you believe in a deeper kind of love. Even if you don’t believe in soulmates, you know there are certain people whose souls will always be intertwined with yours and who you will never be able to really let go of, even when you do move on from them. You romanticize the intangible—the things that go left unsaid, the lingering glances that have deeper meanings, the strings of fate that pull you to someone that you couldn’t explain even if you wanted to. You value kindness and responsibility and may find yourself being attracted to the kinds of people who are complicated or sensitive. You see people’s hurt and you want to carry it in your own hands just to lift their burden. For you, there will always be that one person who eclipses everyone else in the room. You’re a deep feeler and a hopeless romantic.

Jeremiah Fisher

If Jeremiah is your favorite, you believe love should be fun. The person who can make you laugh the most will always hold your heart, and you probably love flirting and having a good time, but you also know there’s something to be said about falling in love with your best friend. You appreciate the people who you know will always have your back and who will try to make the sun shine when all you want to do is cry. For you, there is power in showing love, because you understand that to love someone is an action, not just a concept, and loving someone means nothing if you aren’t willing to show it. You value passion and loyalty, and if you had a type, it would probably be “golden retriever energy.” You understand that lighthearted love is no less powerful than complicated love, and whether or not you believe in soulmates, you also recognize that love is a choice—and at the end of the day, you will always choose your person.

Cam Cameron

Oh, Cam Cameron. If you have a crush on this Cousin’s cutie, you love a good meet cute. You may not necessarily believe in love at first sight, but you do get a high from the sparks of possibility you feel when you meet someone new and instantly connect with them. You believe that there are some people you meet for a reason and that it’s possible for your soul to recognize a kindred spirit even when they’re a stranger. You prefer to connect with someone on an intellectual level and probably find yourself falling for the way someone’s brain works—how they see the world, how passionate they are about the things they care about, how they can change your perspective and challenge your views. For you, love isn’t about the past but about the future—it’s not about where you’ve been or who you used to be but about where you’re going together.

Steven Conklin

If your favorite summer boy is Steven (not for Belly, obviously), you believe that love can overcome any obstacle. You know that every relationship has hardships, and that sometimes real-world problems will come between you, but at the end of the day, you get to choose your person again and again. You understand that insecurities are natural—in fact, you may be prone to them yourself—but you also know the danger of inviting them into your relationship. For you, love is soft and understanding and solid—it’s not about mind games or maybes but about the courage to communicate and commit and trust. You believe in the things that make a relationship last.

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