20 Unexplained Mysteries That Still Keep Us Up At Night

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1.Brandon Swanson.

Car breaks down. On the phone with dad. Says something like “oh shit” while still taking to dad and supposedly walking to the town dad was waiting for him. That’s it never heard from ever again. Relatively recently to0… just kind of makes someone wonder.”

2.Madeleine McCann.

I used to be so convinced it was the parents, until I watched the recent Netflix documentary. Now I’m back to being unsure as hell.

My main question I just want to know the answer to is if it really wasn’t them, why did the cavadier dogs scent out Kate’s shirt, behind the couch, and inside the closet? There’s so much contradicting evidence and the events of what happened afterwards with the Portuguese police make it all the more confusing.

For Madeleine’s sake as well as her siblings I really hope the truth comes out.”

3.Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

To explain: Forrect Fenn was a gentleman with some serious cash. He ended up having a cancer scare and being told he was terminal, so he buried some of his bonds/gold/etc. in a cache and wrote a poem with clues on how to find it, just like old-tymey pirates or what-have-you. He ended up surviving the cancer and doesn’t really give any hints on the treasure, except to say that he goes out like once every few years to make sure it’s still buried in the same spot and it always is. That’s how he knows nobody has found it yet.”

4.The escape from Alcatraz.

I think they made it.

Supposedly flowers were sent to their mother every mothers day after they escaped, two tall ‘women’ were seen at their moms funeral and other hints suggest they are alive.”

5.I would like the mystery of the Voynich manuscript to be solved.

For those uninitiated: It is a manuscript dated to early 15th century. Written in an unknown language and containing illustrations of alien plants, it also shows no connection to any other texts or languages. But the text and drawings are so detailed that people doubt it was the work of some random guy.

Obviously, some people think it was done by aliens but its really interesting.”

6.The Tamam Shud case. Unknown body found on an Australian beach. No sign of foul play or drowning, and had a strange coded message in his pocket. The body was found in 1948. He’s never been identified. If I remember correctly, the labels had been removed from his clothes, and he didn’t seem to be from the area.”

7. “The M cave mystery. I remember hearing about this one and it still bothers me to this day.

Basically some guy who was an avid hiker went back to vist a cave that he said was vibrating on his previous visit. He never came back from the trip and hasn’t been seen since.

Here’s the link to a youtube video he made talking about the cave not long before he went missing.”

8.The JonBenet Ramsey murder.”

9.What the deal was with all those people dressing up as clowns a couple of years ago.”

10.The murder of Jenny Low Chang at San Francisco State University in 1977. She was found naked and stabbed to death in a locked reading room of the J. Paul Leonard Library that only school staff and faculty had access to. Many speculate that it was the Zodiac killer because of the similar circumstances around the murder, but to this day has not been solved. I’m currently a cinema student at SFSU doing a video project about the whole thing and I’d love to see if anything can be uncovered using new DNA tools.”

11.DB Cooper. I worked with a woman who was absolutely certain (and not kidding at all) that a family member of hers was DB Cooper and I REALLY want to know if she way right.”

12.Malaysian Airlines flight missing.”

13. “I would love to find out who was behind the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion.

It’s been over 30 years and we still have no idea who was behind that incredibly bizarre hijack. There was a thread a while ago of someone that thought they had figured it out that seemed very possible, but it was updated and they were ruled out as suspects.

Here is the infamous video for those that have never seen it.”

14. The Delphi murders.

Especially because the victims (Abigail Williams and Liberty German) caught their suspected killer on camera, both visually and audibly. To have the intelligence and bravery to catch your killer on camera during, what must have been, an incredibly tense and terrifying situation shows amazing courage. I really want it to have meant something.”

15. “What happened to the people of Roanoke Island.”

16.The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer — guy goes into a bar, he doesn’t come out.”

17.Kyron Horman went missing when I was in 5th grade. He was in 2nd grade. He went to a different elementary school than me, but everyone in the Portland area knew about him, and still will if you mention his name. There were signs everywhere for him, and you occasionally still see them around. He’d be 17 now.

It’s largely believed his stepmother had something to do with his disappearance, but there’s been no evidence to suggest what happened to him.”

18.I want to know who the real Zodiac killer was. Not the impostors that came some 25 years later post string of murders. The original.”

19.The mystery of the feet inside shoes washing up on Vancouver Island. My guess is human trafficking but…”

20. “What happened to Maura Murray?

Maura, who is from Massachusetts, disappeared after she crashed her car in New Hampshire on February 9, 2004. No one knows what happened to her.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark