20 Unconventional Things That Are Actually Sexy AF

20 Unconventional Things That Are Actually Sexy AF

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. “Genuine giggling.”

2.A guy in a super long study/work session. Stubble, hair that’s been raked through, glasses, a pile of notes in front of them. Makes me just want to drag them away from their desk.”

3.Women who can definitely kick my ass but wouldn’t because they’re nice.”

4. “Women wearing office ‘formal’ shirts. Don’t really know why.”

5.Watching someone work with their hands, especially if it’s a hobby or something they enjoy doing. There’s a look of determination that can go along with it but watching them use their hands, being as precise as they can… Yum.”

6. “Being aware of random facts about the same esoteric things I’m interested in.”

7.When a guy clenches his jaw. You can see it when he chews gum mostly.”

8. “Knowledge and passion about a subject. Especially if its geeky. If you can tell me all about the lore of your favorite book series, or teach me a load of Pokemon stuff or tell me about acting and plays then I’m putty.”

9.Dimples. But on guys (I am a straight female lol). My boyfriend has really prominent dimples and I just hnnnngggg every time he smiles.”

10. “Back dimples.”

11.Single item clothing with nothing underneath. Sundress, coveralls, long t-shirt, long johns, coat, etc, and that’s all their wearing. Footwear optional.”

12.Braces, something beautiful and wonderful from a person who wears braces and smiles genuinely and confidently.”

13.Scars. Especially if a guy has a scar on his face e.g. If a guy has a scar going across his eyebrow/eye/nose or cheek I get so turned on. I’m attracted to rugged/tough looking guys so I think scars just add to that attraction.”

14.Unconventional hair. Dyed hair, short hair on girls, and long hair on guys are all examples. I don’t know why but every time I see unconventional hair, I do a double take. I’ve been like this as far back as middle school.”

15.When guys are so turned on they purr.”

16.Belly laughs.”

17. “I’ve always found moles and other skin blemishes to be really attractive. A lot of women are really self-conscious if they have one that’s really prominent in a visible area, but I honestly can’t get enough of them and I think they look so hot, especially if it’s on a woman’s neck, chest, or abdomen.

18.A girl making the first move. Ie buying me a drink or coming up to me somewhere and starting a conversation.”

19. “Facial scars on women.”

20.Women bigger/taller/stronger than me. If she looks like she can take me, odds are I kinda want her to.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark