15 Truths About People That You’ll Only Understand Once Your Perspective On Life Has Matured

15 Truths About People That You’ll Only Understand Once Your Perspective On Life Has Matured

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1.Advice is amazing. Advice is helpful. Advice can be life changing. But more often than not, people have to figure things out for themselves.”

2. “It’s really easy to make people smile if you treat them with a brand of kindness they appreciate… However, any kindness is better than none.”

3. “How people treat you is a reflection on them, not you.”

4.In their own way, almost everyone you encounter is suffering.”

5. “50 years old is not old.”

6.That sometimes people just want someone else to listen to their problems, not to fix them.”

7.People are just doing what they think is best, it’s just that what they think is best might not be what I think.”

8. “My mom doesn’t have all the answers. She put on a good game face growing up, but every year I realize more and more she has no freaking clue more than anybody else does.”

9.Not everyone will value your time and help.”

10.We judge others by their actions, but judge ourselves by our intentions.”

11.Everyone views themselves as slightly above average and as Good. And that is terrifying.”

12.The older you get the less you will have a tolerance for bullshit from your friends. Those flaky but fun friends you might hang with at 22 are not going to be interesting to you when you are older and have your shit together when they don’t.”

13. “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that’s life.”

14. “That no one actually really cares about you, except maybe for your closest friends and family who truly love you. I think it’s a pretty good thing because it means we don’t need to worry as much as we do. No one notices the things we’re insecure about and even if they do, they probably don’t care.”

15.Everyone lets you down eventually. If you lack the capacity to forgive, you will have no friends.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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