20 Unspoken Rules For A Happy, Successful Marriage

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1. Respectfulness is oftentimes more important than communication — if your partner doesn’t want to talk, give them the space they need

2. When someone is wrong, don’t keep score

3. “Love your partner the way they need to be loved, not the way you need to be loved” (and take the time to understand what that means)

4. Don’t punish your spouse for being honest — you won’t always like what they have to say, but punishing them for it will ruin your future communication

5. There’s no such thing as “winning” an argument — if you can’t come to an agreement that satisfies everyone, you’ve both lost

6. You’ll see each other at your grossest, like when you’re vomiting or have diarrhea — don’t use it to humiliate each other later on

7. Be the kind of spouse you would like to have by your side

8. Don’t correct the other person unless it’s important

9. Never hold money against each other

10. Similarly, never make a big purchase without talking to the other

11. Always keep an extra blanket by the bed, just in case you have trouble sharing one night

12. If one person voluntarily cleans something, the other shouldn’t complain about how it was done

13. Give each other alone time, even if you aren’t fighting

14. Never disrespect your partner — not in public, not in front of your friends, and definitely not to your kids

15. 50-5o doesn’t exist, so expect something closer to 60-40 — who gets what will change from time to time

16. Never, ever bring up divorce, even in a joking way — pretend it’s not an option, like doesn’t even exist

17. Cultivate separate interests and encourage one another to pursue them

18. If you have kids, it’s okay to put your spouse first — a healthy marriage will ultimately benefit them

19. Learn to know when you fucked up and apologize sincerely without adding a “but…”

20. Make these rules spoken Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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